Staying calm to look awesome without regret

Are you ready for your spring wardrobe? Are you already eager to wear your new spring clothes? I am, but the weather still gives it a no-no unless I "winterize" the items like in the post on how to wear your spring items now. The good news is that spring seems to be moving northward. [...]


How to know when to splurge or bargain

Easy to follow tips how to learn how to recognize a bargain, what items are worth to splurge on and when a slurge is a bargain in fashion and style shopping

It’s not just you who dislikes these trends

New spring trends - yay or nay? Do you like the new spring fashion trends? This weekend I browsed the wordpress reader and stumbled upon a post from Likes of Me. She felt tired, may be fed up by (some of the) recent fashion trends and shopping offers (for 40+). The online offers are still [...]