7 tips to score high in a consignment store

7 tips to score high in a consignment store

Slowing fashion down by consigning Those of you who follow my blog already for a while know that I like to search for high end items on eBay and in consignment stores. One of my readers recently asked me to share how to score high in a consignment store. Of course, I answered to her [...]

One woman’s trash is another’s treasure

Browse consignment stores at the beginning of the week Yesterday I brought some pieces that I had sorted out during the preparation of my fall wardrobe to a local consignment store. Typically, Mondays are the days consignment stores have a lot of new items as people tend to wheat out their closets on the weekend. [...]

Warm up 4 winter

Fairbanks’ population is very diverse. About 70% of the inhabitants are not from Alaska. Each year new Fairbanksans arrive. Most of them come in via the airport. There are two times of the year when there is a big arrival: In July, when new military arrives and in fall when the new students arrive to [...]