3 lovely inspirations 2 look stunning on July 4

Tomorrow the Americans celebrate their Independence Day. Do you have certain traditions for your national holiday? Are you going to a parade, picnic or a party to celebrate? My husband and I typically watch the movie Independence Day and my husband does some BBQ. Patriotic outfit inspirations Here some red, white and blue outfit inspirations what [...]

7 time-saving tips to dress for clothes shopping

7 time-saving tips to dress for clothes shopping

Time saving tips what to wear when shopping for clothes for fast trying out new pieces for fit.

How mosquitoes balance a lot of beef

Mosquito alert Mosquitoes are really bad this year here in College, Alaska. Just walking 10 yards (~9 m) from the door to the car was enough to provide supper for probably ten of them. Ok, ok, from a mathematical point of view, ten are negligible compared to the whole crowd of mosquitoes in Alaska. I [...]