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Streetchic Casual Friday look with sweatpants

My regular readers know that I am not a big fan of real suits. Real suits look lovely on young women and give them a great professional look. However, you need to know and pay attention to how to wear a suit and not look old. As a mtter of fact, on mature women, real pants or skirt suits often look conservative, and Old Lady.

When I have to wear a suit, I go for an unmatched suit that I put together from items of my closet like the fake suit or the fake short suit I posted about a while ago.

A frequently asked question is

Can you wear sweatpants to work?

When you work in a casual work environment with Casual Friday culture and hold a position without client interaction, you can wear sweatpants with a blazer as an unmatched suit. Add a crisp button-down shirt, blouse or professional looking sweater and heels. Keep accessories professional (e.g. diamond studs with pearl necklace and gold color watch).

You can wear sweat pants with a blazer as a fake suit for work. #CasualFriday Click To Tweet

Unmatched suit with sweatpants

Today’s OOTD presents another unmatched suit. I paired my sweat pants with a blazer and a turtleneck sweater for a Friday meeting at work. The three stripes on the leg of these sweatpants give them a tuxedo-pants or military formal uniform-pants like vibe. I kept everything in black and white to go for an elegant classic look. The outfit is fashion-forward as black and white is a hot trend right now too.

over 50 years old fashion blogger wearing an unmatched suit of sweat pants and blazer for work

style blogger in an unmatched suit of Adidas track pants and classic houndstooth blazer

mature woman dressed in an athleisure pants and business casual jacket accessorized with pearls
Front view of fake suit office outfit with Adidas athleisure pants, hounds-tooth blazer, black turtleneck, Harley Davidson booties, BCBG statement belt, three string different size pearl necklace (all own) and Akoya saltwater one size of pearls pearl necklace c/o The Pearl Source


What do you think about wearing real suits over 40? Would you wear styled up sweatpants to work on Casual Friday? Have you done it? Let me know, I am curious. If you have examples how you dressed up your sportswear link them up below in addition to your OOTD.

Top of the World Style linkup-party No. 41

Welcome to the Top of the World Style fashion linkup party. It is party No. 41 already! Time seems to fly!

Thanks to those of you who linked up in the last two last weeks to my joined Christmas New Year’s Eve edition. You are all so stylish! I loved what you wore on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. 🙂

As usual, the Readers’ Fav OOTD goes to the link you clicked the most, which was Lauren’s post. She is the blogger of From Earth to Style. Her winter outfit is a real stunner. Rania from The Wardrobe Stylist caught my eyes with her holiday outfit in green and red. Oh, I wish I had a pair of booties like hers. She gave her classic look a great twist of sweet and edgy, and became My Fav OOTD.

Top of the World OOTD at the weekly Top of the World Style linkup party @ High Latitude Style @
Top of the World OOTD Readers’ Fav Lauren and My Fav Rania. Photos from these ladies’ posts

Congrats ladies, please grab your respective featured Top of the World OOTD button.

Top of the World Style weekly fashion linkup party @ High Latitude Style @

Top of the World Style weekly fashion linkup party @ High Latitude Style @

I am honored to introduce this weeks co-host of Top of the World Style Laura from Day by Day in our World. She a mom to four boys, three of whom she home-schools. She lives in Anchorage, Alaska, which has quite a different climate than Fairbanks, where I live. She loves to share what they are doing in their learning adventures, family life, and even what’s cooking in the kitchen. Entertainment and fashion are other key areas of her interests. Take a minute and stop by her blog to say Hi.

Co-host of Top of the World Style linkup party
Top of the World Style co-host Laura. Photo from her blog

Now let’s get the party going. Everyone of any age and gender is welcome to share their fashion and style posts.
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