Super chic spring/summer trends to add

mature woman in burgundy zipper jacket over dress with belt

Trends from the runway to real life

Typically when fashion weeks are around many of us are busy with getting ready for the next season, but not the season thereafter. Well, and there is always a substantial “cut-down” from what one sees on the catwalk to that worn finally in the streets. Even a twenty years old doesn’t walk thru town belly free unless, well she’s a hoaker.

And yes, we have seen so many excerts from fashion weeks over the years that it seems all to blur. In the end, we buy what we like. That’s fine when you go with fast fashion. The pieces are not meant to last.

Trends to keep when they work for you

Mixed prints

Looking at what the big names had on the shows, the mixed print trend will last. This time around they go with shoes in a solid color that doesn’t occur in the print.

modern mixed print maxi dress with statement sleeves
StyleWe mixed print maxi dress with statement sleeves


Polka dots remain. Stay with a size not larger than a quarter. And yes, skip the 3-piece suit with polka dot vest, polka dot blazer, and polka dot pants! Clowns aren’t funny.

#fashionover50 style blogger in iconic Pretty Woman copper brown with white polka dot dress
Zaful copper brown full skirt dress with white polka dots, Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Hermes collie de chien leather bracelet, Aigner wedge sandals, Chanel quilted purse, Bulova watch, and matching statement necklace with bracelet (all own)
Never wear a print with polka dots the size of chocolate chip cookies. #styleadvice Click To Tweet

Scarf prints

Another classic to invest in when you like it. Perfect for fancy blouses in the corporate world or beach dresses and skirts at the resort.

wearable trend over 50 scarf print shirt with necktie
StyleWe scarf print shirt with necktie
great scarf print blouse for the office
StyleWe scarf print blouse


Sneakers with flowy midi to tea-length skirts are still a do. Not so everyone’s cup of tea. It works well when you are 6 ft 1 (1.85 m). On a petite (<5 ft 4, 1.63 m) or average height of 5 ft 5 (1.68 m) these huge monsters and the amount of fabric are just drowning.

fashion blogger wearing the skirt with sneakers and black and white trends
Layered H&M skirt with Jones New York polka dot knotted shirt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Esprit silk neckerchief, and Adidas sneakers (all own)

When you’ve got legs and your office dresscode allows it, biker shorts (just above the knee) with a blazer.

Trends to try

Belt bags

Belt bags are having a moment. No, not those ugly ones we had in the 80s for traveling that scream “hey here comes the tourist.” This time they are made for work/daily life. Think of a belt to add shape to your dress or blazer and two small structured pockets attached. One for the phone, one for the wallet/credit card holder.  I like the idea as it permits browsing the clothing store without fighting a purse that slips off your shoulders.

Earth colors

When you love neutrals in Earth tones, this spring/summer is a good time to stock up. Earth tones are back! Sand, tan, cream, and khaki. Since neutrals are classics, you can’t go wrong when you go with a great classic with a twist cut. A trench coat in one of these colors is a great investment.


… is having a moment. Perfect to wear my HH yellow raincoat this summer. 😉

California Chick

Scuba, endless summer sweat shirts, you name it. Great when you are so cool to be already retired. otherwise, a cropped scuba jacket over a dress to fight the AC at work may be an option.

#advancedstyle fashion blogger in scuba printed sheath and jacket with pumps
Calvin Klein scuba sheath dress, statement belt, Covington gray pumps, and T Tahari scuba jacket (all own)

Trends I’ll skip

Feathers anyone?

Feathers are everywhere. As embellishment on coats, skirts and tops. Even on the heels of slides! Just imaging how they will look after walking thru the park in a sudden shower.

However, I love feathers on a hat for a horse race, on a hat for attending a Christening in the South, on top of a fascinator or on the hem of a ballroom gown.

#styleover50 midlife woman in blush and black outfit
Shire Scala straw headgear c/o Tenth Street and dress c/o JJ’s House with own D&C clutch and jewelry

Layered skirts

Layered skirts also known as tired skirts in tea-length or even maxi are BIG. In both senses. This trend is overwhelming on a small frame. You can barely get into your car, need space for two on the metro. Not to mention that such a dolled up look is impractical for work, when you can’t even reach the power button of the copy machine in them. Who wants to look like a walking wedding cake anyhow?

On a positive note: All that fabric is heavy on your hips giving your legs at least a good exercise. Worst of all, those variations that look like you wear a tired skirt just starting at your neck. It looks like you are not having your act together or were pregnant.

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Being a ballroom dancer, I love my nude fishnet tights, and yes, even black ones for an Argentine Tango performance. However, this upcoming season’s fishnets are over-dresses for the beach with the beasts still hanging in them. Yuck. Not even on Halloween.

Hippie chic

Tie-dye anyone? If you have been  a hard-to-die Bohemian all your life, go for it. Otherwise, skip it. If you go for it, try it with an ethnic maxi skirt and flip-flop on the weekend plus a statement belt, for instance, the one you use for belly dancing.

When you like the tips of this post, and want dressing tips for all kind of situation in midlife, buy my book How to Dress for Success in Midlife.

Utility jumpsuits

Just imaging a dirty restroom at work and you know, why I skip the trend. Über cool when you are in control of the restroom.

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Winter office outfit inspriation of the day

Now to the OOTD. It had been bitter cold. Temperatures dropped from -5F to -33F in less than a day. Brrr. Thus, layering was a must. I went with a layering top, dress, tights (over pantyhose), and a zipper front jacket. I used a belt for shape. Of course, boats were a must.

#fashionover50 style blogger donning a winter office look with sheath and belted jacket
Sideview of work outfit inspirations with Calvin Klein sheath, Paloma Picasso belt, Vince Camuto tall suede boots with chain details (all own), bracelet c/o Lizzy James and herring bone boxy jacket c/o Whistle River
#trendsover50 mature woman in burgudny and purple work look
Back view Calvin Klein dress, Paloma Picasso belt, Vince Camuto boots (all own)and coat c/o Whistle River
midlife blogger looking fashioably stylish in Pantome winter colors
Calvin Klein sheath over layering top, Paloma Picasso statement belt, Vince Camuto footwear (all own), bracelet c/o Lizzy James and herring bone zipper front jacket c/o Whistle River

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Photos: G. Kramm

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  1. Scarf prints and polka dots are alway on my radar. Your polka dot dress reminds me Pretty Woman 😉

  2. I really like your trend summary, Nicole. I don’t recall if I’ve seen any list this specific. Stay warm, girl, I love the furry jacket you’re wearing!

  3. How exciting to be able to comment on your blog now Nicole! I hope you’re doing well and staying warm out there in Alaska! I enjoyed reading about what trends you would hop on and which ones you would avoid…particularly your comment on the utility jumpsuits! 😉

  4. I think it’s great you’re into ballroom dancing! I have a pair of black fishnets, but I’ve been wanting a pair of nude. I love sneakers with midi skirts and polka dots will always be in my wardrobe!


  5. What a wonderful surprise to be the most clicked from last week, Nicole. The carousel was open to the public…you could have ridden it too!!!

  6. I am glad to see that all the trends I love are still around, but I think that I will give the biker shorts a miss!

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