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Floral print patchwork sundress with suede wedges for a picnic

Last Sunday we went out for brunch. There is a nice place with Sunday brunch at the Chena River. This place can be reached by boat as it has its own boat steg. In winter, it can be reached by snow machine on the river and has snow-machine parking. Of course, you can reach this place also the normal way by feet, bike or car. It also provides a boat launch place in summer and access to the ice bridge in winter. Well there is always one driver who uses the ice bridge too early in November or breaks thru the icebridge in March and lands on the front page of the local newspaper. In March, I like to ask the waitresses and waiters how many cars are already on the bottom of the river. In winter 2012, there were three.

Sunday was a nice sunny day so I took the opportunity to wear my sundress and espadrille suede wedges. I like the large floral pattern and combination of purple, red, hunter green and black of the dress’s print. The lace inserts give the skirt some width. I occasionally wear this dress when going out for dancing. In winter, I wear a lace top underneath to stay warm between dances.

influencer in sundress for brunch on a hot summer day at the lake
Sun dress with espadrilles and Paloma Piccasso sun glasses (all own)

Photos: G. Kramm

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