Style blogging during dark nights

#over-40-fashion #workoutfit High Latitude Style | Mature woman in work outfit
Ann Taylor floral tweed skirt worn with denim shirt, navy blue blazer, Longchamp pliage bag, heeled ducks, and brown tights for a work appropriate look (all own)

#over-40-fashion #workoutfit High Latitude Style | Mature woman in work outfit
Navy blue gold button blazer with denim shirt, ethnic metal belt floral tweed skirt and heeled ducks for a winter office look

In winter, taking outfit photos is a real challenges when you live in the subarctic. It is dark when you leave to and come back from work. In artificial light colors may look different or odd reflection occur on every shiny item nearby. Furthermore, most interior places would bring noise into the photo as they may detract from what a blogger/outfit photographer wants the reader to see (e.g. the heeled ducks, blue blazer, floral skirt). My photographer prefers taking photos outside. Today’s photo series was taken when the sky still was dark black (see photo below). Not even an aurora threw a little light. The shadows produced by the flash light created interesting shading. I bet it would take me hours to create an effect like that in photoshop. LOL 😉

#Alaska Snow covered trees at night
Winter night in Interior Alaska

Photos: G. Kramm (2014)

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