In style thru the diurnal cycle
Detail view of pleats , quilting, and belt

Alaska’s size would justify four time zones

Before clocks, watches and cell phones became available to keep track of time, noon was when when the Sun was highest in the sky. Not today, and especially not in Alaska. In 1983, Alaska’s four time zones became one time zone – Alaska Standard Time which is EST minus four hours.

Local noon and official noon differ at the Last Frontier

Since Alaska encompasses an area that reaches from coast to coast when projected onto the Lower 48s or in other words 57.5 degrees of longitude, many places have their local noon not when the digital world claims it to be noon. Solar noon at about 11:45 pm 12:35 pm, 1:45 pm in Juneau, Fairbanks and Nome, respectively. In Fairbanks, the earliest and latest sunrise are at 2:59 am on June 14 and 11:00 am on December 27. The earliest and latest sunset are at 2:39 pm on December 14 and at 12:47 am on June 26. In spring, Alaska daylight savings time means  being another hour more out of  sync with the Sun. In a nutshell, in  Nome, Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska time is about three, two and two hours off of solar noon.

Alaskans to the large temperature variations with layering

These Alaska facts have consequences for how to dress. In the morning, it is still very chilly with temperatures in the upper 40s and lower 50s (7-12oC) due to the nighttime cooling even in summer. At noon, summer temperatures may be in the 80s (>27oC) and even reach the 90s once in a while. Thus, dressing for a day in Alaska requires layering as you have to dress for a temperature range of often more than 30, sometimes even 40 degrees F (20oC).

Alaskan style blogger in pastel floral skirt, chambray shirt, Chanel belt, Coach bag posing in the morning

mature fashion blogger wearing a floral pastel look in April with layers

Alaskan woman in a layered pastel outfit to look stylish in the diurnal cycle with its varying temperatures
Outfit details: Bisou pastel floral skirt, Great Northwest denim shirt, Chanel belt, Via Spiga slingbacks, Hermes collier de chien bangle, pale pink Hinge leather jacket and Coach bag (all own)

Using clothing for Mosquito protection

At this time a year, you also need mosquito protection. For the latter a leather jacket like shown below is a great idea. Fortunately, the mosquitoes come out about 7 pm and are gone by the next morning 7 am or so, i.e. the time when it is cooler than at solar noon. The chambray shirt of my outfit can go from “it is still a little chilly, but already too warm with the leather jacket” to “it is too warm for me today” when rolling up the sleeves. Sunglasses are a must as the Sun nearly circles Fairbanks’ horizon meaning it is low in the sky from early at night to mid morning and late afternoon to early morning the next day. Thus, you will even need no flood light for a ball game at midnight. The midnight sun also means that there is no fireworks on Independence Day.

Layering is an art

When layering it is important to keep in mind that the outfit still has to work and look stylish when a layer comes off or is added (see photos above). You can find another example of layering outfit at the link. How do you have to adapt your outfit to your local conditions?

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Same skirt three ways

Welcome to another round of how to wear a piece of an outfit two days in a row. This time, the example is the skirt.

In this second look, I picked up the olive green and the two pink shades of the skirt by pairing the skirt with a suede utility jacket, cap-toe pumps and fuchsia bag, while in the Alaska street style look in the photos above, I picked up the bluish and pink shades. When you compare these two outfits even though the use the same recipe (shirt, jacket, same skirt) they look quite differently. The trick when wearing the same item one day after the other is to give it a different vibe either with the colors like in this example or the vibe.

mature fashion blogger in floral skirt and suede utility jacket

over 50 years old woman in suede utility jacket, button-down shirt, pastel floral skirt
Outfit details: Great Northwest suede utility jacket, Bisou Bisou pastel floral skirt, Oliveo linen shirt, 3.1 Philip Lim bag, smoky quartz flower statement belt, Ray Ban aviator sunglasses, and Ivanka Trump pumps (all own)


In the third look, I changed the vibe to a little bit more dressed up, i.e., less casual. I added a pantyhose, high end bag, whimpsical peridot beads and pearl necklace and upped the style with a more fancy belt.

yellow pastel floral skirt with blush pointy toe slingbacks, Chanel bag, utility jacket and belt

style blogger in a pastel skirt with Chanel bag

blogger Nicole in yellow pastel floral skirt with blush pointy toe slingbacks, Chanel bag, utility jacket and belt
Bisou Bisou skirt, Via Spiga patent leather slingbacks, Hermes collier de chien bangle, peridot beads and pearls three strings necklace, vintage Chanel quilted chain bag, cat eye Paloma Picasso sunglasses, unbranded pantyhose, Great Northwest suede utility jacket, Hermes H-buckle, and Kieselstein Cord belt (all own)


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Photos: G. Kramm

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