Stripes and dots or the odds of geometry

style blogger in blue white geometric prints with polka dot pleated skirt and striped T-shirt with nude plateau sandals

Blue and white are a summer classic color combination

As you know, I rarely wear pattern. However, when I do, I have the urge to mix prints and patterns for style. Here I am wearing one of my favorite pattern mixes, stripes and dots. The nude sandals elongate the legs. The pink scarf adds a pop of color and interest to this simple summer skirt and T-shirt look.

over 50 years old fashion blogger in polka dot and stripes weekend look
The Limited striped T-shirt with Kieselstein Cord belt and belt buckle, Lauren Ralph Lauren pleated polka dot skirt, silk scarf, Juicy Couture plateau sandals, Chanel bag, Hermes collier de chien bangle, and Ray Ban retro sunglasses (all own)

So what about it? And why the title? It’s a weird story. But whenever I see stripes and polka dots in one outfit it pops up in my mind. Like “I am back.” It’s sort of like a sitcon. When I did it, I didn’t think anything about it and thought it’s the normalst thing in the World to do what I did.

The tell: A story about clothes in math

Well, when I was in high school, I once was very bored in my math class. The teacher explained for the 10th time how to calculate the area (=Pi times radius times radius where Pi~3.1415926…) and circumference (=Pi times diameter = Pi times 2 times radius) of a circle and how radius and diameter relate to each other. In front of me were two other gals, one was wearing a blouse with white stripes, the other a blouse with white dots. I started to count the numbers of dots per 4 inch times 4 inch (about 10cm x 10 cm) area and estimated the radius of the dots to calculate the white area. I multiplied the area with the number of dots. Then I counted the white stripes for the same area. I estimated the width of the white stripes and again calculated the white area for the same area. When I compared the results I found that the gals probably wore the same amount of white. When I later told them, they couldn’t believe it. Do you want to do the math for my outfit? 😉

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Photos by G. Kramm

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