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Paloma Picasso vintage sunglasses, statement gemstone belt, Longchamp pilage, no brand sweater, Talbot floral print skirt, vintage bangle, Hermes enamel bangles, pantyhose (all own), best girlfriends bracelet c/o Chicos and top c/o Coolibar

You Can’t Live in Peace when Your Bad Neighbor Doesn’t Let You

…was something my late Mom often said. And yes, she was so right about this. But let me start today’s story at the beginning. Flash back to March this year. It was a humid cold windy day, quite unusual for March in the Interior. March is our driest month on average.

Given the chilly weather, my husband and I had decided to go to a Mexican restaurant for date night on Friday after work. There are plenty in town. When we arrived, it had started snowing. Big wet snowflakes of the size of a quarter were falling and blown by the wind. They were very sticky and we entered the place with snow covered clothes like everyone else. The restaurant was pretty full. In cold weather, a restaurant or roadhouse is like Marrakesh in the desert. Everyone goes there. We got chips and salsa, ordered and our waitress had just served our food.

Hot Food Is the Best on a Cold Day

Then the family at the neighbored table left while at the same time, new guests came in. The waitress who was responsible for the neighbored table cleaned up. She piled the plates with the leftovers on them on top of each other to bring them to the kitchen. On the uppermost plate with bones from chicken wings, she put several cups with salsa. When passing our table, her plate-leftover-cups tower lost its balance. The salsa cups, plate, bones and a couple of dirty fried bean-covered plates and forks went south. One of the cups fell onto my head, another one into my lap, and one hit my shoulder, all spilling the leftover salsa onto my clothes. One plate fell onto my boots and then broke into pieces on the floor.

It’s hilarious when you see that scene in a movie.

But not, when you are the victim in real. Moreover, I bet actors would need more than one trial to place a cup of salsa on the head of someone, and one in the lap, at the same time.


An Evening Spoiled

The waitress then picked up the broken dishes, threw them away, and started cleaning the floor. When coming back from the kitchen, our waitress saw the mess that the other waitress had caused on the floor and took towels to help her clean up. When she arrived at the scene of incident, she saw that I was dirty from head to toe – literally. She apologized to us, went back, and brought me napkins so I could clean my hair, face, shoulder, lap and boots. She apologized again, despite it wasn’t her who had done it, but her colleague. All I was thinking was that I wouldn’t worry about the spill if I were wearing a cute stay-at-home date night outfit for cooking. However, I was wearing a  silk floral skirt Casual Friday outfit (see photos in this post).


Needless to say, we didn’t go there for a while.


fashion blogger in summer skirt styled for fall with a sweater
The Casual Friday look with floral print skirt that I wore at the office. I had the pumps in my bag to get out of the boots that I wore in the evening for date night after work  at the Mexican restaurant.


over 50 years old style blogger throwing her sweater off
Side view of the work outfit


mature woman on a lawn in pink top floral skirt in fall
Back view of the look


woman pointing at mushrooms wearing a silk skirt and sunprotective top
Zoom-in on the arm candies and a fall mushroom I found when posing for the office look on the lawn outside. It felt already pretty chilly.

Alaskan woman bending down in pink, red, yellow look

Outfit details: Paloma Picasso vintage sunglasses, statement gemstone belt, Liz Claiborne pumps, Longchamp pilage, no brand sweater, Talbot floral print skirt, vintage bangle, pantyhose, best girlfriends bracelet c/o Chicos, and top c/o Coolibar 

Everyone Deserves a Second Chance – or Not?

Last Monday, my husband and I went out for date night to the same place. This time, we had the waitress who had spilled the leftovers all over me in March. We were sitting in a booth on benches. We ordered two glasses of wine and another waitress brought us chips and salsa. When our waitress came back with the wine, she had the two glasses on a tablet that she balanced on one hand. She took one glass off and put it in front of my husband.


Gravity Still Works

The tablet got out of balance, the second glass slipped off the tablet. While the glass fell, it threw out a lot of wine all over my outfit. When it hit the table, it emptied the rest of the wine on the table. She got a towel and wiped off the wine into my direction! I couldn’t believe it! That was like I couldn’t believe that at the spa, they would use a Black & Decker to remove callus in a pedicure!

The wine then dropped off the table onto the skirt of my dress as well as left and right off me. I couldn’t even move because there was wine all around me, and she blocked the “exit” of the booth!


No Regret

Again, it didn’t occur to her to give me something that I could use to try to mitigate the harm. Even my skin under the clothes was wet! All waitresses, but her apologized for the incident. My husband and I left, and she even yelled at us. We then went to Brewster’s and had excellent service without a “punch show”.


Anxiously, Randomly or Purposely?

I wonder whether she did this “accident” on purpose. I had never seen a waitress spilling food or drinks over a customer in my entire lifetime. And now the same waitress did it twice within a short time and moreover she spilled the same customer twice! Or was she anxious because she had spilled me already once? Or just a bad Monday? What do you think? Should I write a memo to myself, that if I ever go to that place again or a place where she serves that I need to wear a raincoat with hoodie?

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Photos of me: G. Kramm

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  1. aquamarinastyle

    OMG! What a terrible experience–twice, no less!! I wouldn’t go back or I would definitely have a conversation with the manager. Nonetheless, your floral skirt outfit is beautiful!

    xx Darlene

  2. Cheryl Shops

    I wish your story had a happy ending, like if the waitress had remembered you and bought you a round of drinks as an apology. But I guess the happy ending is that you found a restaurant with much better service! Also, thank you once again for the feature—as always, I’m flattered!
    Cheryl Shops

  3. Linda Cassidy

    sometimes words cannot capture the weirdness we experience. cute look though

  4. Angie B.

    Hi, Nicole – You have been too nice about this whole thing! If the waitress who dropped everything on you cared, she would have apologized profusely and helped to clean you up first before doing anything else. The restaurant should at least pay for the cleaning of your clothes or replacement. If you can, why don’t you contact the owner of the restaurant and demand retribution? I would never go there again, though, because who knows if you can stay far enough away from that waitress! XOXO, Angie

  5. Interesting story. I can’t believe she would purposely do it… I mean, if you would have complained both times you would think it wouldn’t put her in a good situation with her boss. And, I wonder if she even remembered you? I think you took it gracefully, though… I hope you got a free meal out of it or something, salsa could ruin clothes easily!! I def. wouldn’t be going back there. Thankfully it wasn’t red wine!! I just love this colorful outfit on you, especially the skirt!


  6. mireilleftm

    That is just plain crazy! The restaurant should have offered you free meals and offered to cover the cost to get the clothes cleaned! Hopefully it will come out?

  7. Geez Nicole! What an experience! I may go with the girl was nervous as she already spilled food etc on your before. Perhaps she should be a dishwasher instead! kidding. People do deserve a second chance, but it would have been nice if she had apologized to yoU! btw, you look lovely in the floral skirt!

  8. Amy Johnson

    What a strange story. I suspect it was done on purpose especially since she didn’t apologize. She could think you’re someone else or maybe knows you somehow but you don’t know her. I wouldn’t go there again I were you.

  9. This Main Line Life

    This outfit looks great on you. I love the skirt. It looks like such a nice warm day up there.

  10. Oh my gosh! Didn’t she apologize and weren’t you offered a free meal or something like that? Wow! I would definitely never go to that place again! Luckely you look wonderfull, always, even with wine!

  11. donnadoesdresses

    What an horrendous experience – you sound very patient and tolerant … me not so much!! Love the skirt and have one similar so you’ve reminded me to wear it again!! Enjoy the rest of your week and thank you for sharing!!
    Donna 🧚🏻‍♀️❤️🙏

  12. mummabstylish

    Oh how awful for you! I looked at your title and couldn’t work it out! How love to be favourite this week, so lovely to read on and find this out. Many thanks Nicole. x Jacqui

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