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Loft distressed BF jeans, Ralph Lauren silver pumps, statement buckle belt, summer scarf and simple sweater top for a casual polished look

Does it also happened to you that somethings a song is popping up in your head in the morning and pops up again and again and again during that day? This week it already happened twice and I had it last week too. The funny part about it is that all three songs were related to clothes. Last week it was

“… I put my old blue jeans on …”

The other day it was

“… she wore blue velvet…”

and today it is

“Lady in red is dancing with me…”

fashion blogger Nicole in BF jeans, painted Silk Scarf, silver Pumps
Loft BF jeans polished with Ralph Lauren pumps, smoky quartz buckle statement belt, Ray Ban mirrored sunglasses, Hermes collier de chien bangle, silk scarf and a simple cashmere silk sweater


Interestingly, the melodies of these songs sort of also describe the feelings associated with wearing them. Old blue jeans sounds like freedom fun, weekend and joy. So is the melody. Blue velvet is associated with drama to a certain degree – probably also because of the movie. It also is associated with richness and mystery. The melody is very serious, may be suffering, depressing, the total opposite of happiness. Both clothes are blue, but the association with them differs. Lady in red, or put it this way, the little red dress (LRD) is mysterious too, but sultry – at least to a certain degree. While the music is also serious it is also surprising. Well, to a formal event most ladies wear their LBD. Thus, a LRD is a statement, and has its surprise effect.

What are your clothes telling you or about you? Do they convey a message about you that you are unaware off? What is your favorite clothes song?


Today I am wearing my new BF jeans that I ordered online from Loft when doing what I call “insomniac shopping”. Ok, I have to admit these BF jeans are not old, but they are distressed and pretend to be old. Nevertheless, they give me a feel great and happy mood like in the song. And being happy is what it is all about, right? The outfit also conveys that I want to be comfortable, but look polished and effortless.

fashion blogger in blazer with statement Bag, jeans, Silk Scarf and silver snake Pumps
Loft BF jeans polished for a “casual Friday look” with Ralph Lauren silver pumps, smoky quartz buckle statement belt, Oliveo blazer, and artisan painted scarf (all own). Adding a statement bag and own Ray Ban mirrored sunglasses add a nice look while strolling to lunch on a sunny day


To get these distressed beauties into polished casual workplace territory I paired them with a blazer and high heels. Well, my motto is “the higher the heel the better I feel” anyhow, and I love statement shoes.

Photos: G. Kramm

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