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Shoe deodorizer and blister blocker c/o The Solemates and won Adidas sneakers

The Solemates deodorizer removes shoe odor fast, is environmentally friendly and worth the money. 

  1. Is There Something to Avoid Stinky Shoes?
  2. How Does The Solemates Deodorizer Work?
  3. Does the Deodorizer Remove the Odor?
  4. It’s Environmentally Friendly
  5. In a Nutshell

Disclosure: Ad. The deodorizer is a sample from The Solemates. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.

Is There Something to Avoid Stinky Shoes?

Do you recall when your secret nickname for your roommate’s boyfriend was Skunk Sneaker? You knew he was in the room before you even opened the door! He had these awful smelly sneakers. When he took them off, you had to run to the window for air. You always wondered why you didn’t ask him to take the shoes off before entering the room and leave those nose offenders on the floor outside in front of the door. How often did you think that a facemask-wearing thief who would steal the guy’s shoes would bring them back the next day anyway. Well, you never asked Skunk Sneaker because your roommate was so into that guy.  He was one of the school’s football players! Run four yards, down, pile up! You never got why she accepted the smell! May be love makes a stuffy nose?

Today you could have solved the problem easily by spraying just some of The Solemates deodorizer into his galoshes. If only …

How Does The Solemates Deodorizer Work?

This deodorizer eliminates the bacteria that create the odor. Such bacteria live in all kinds of footwear, gym bags and even some clothing. These bacteria munch on sweat. Yuck!

The deodorizer is made with all natural ingredients, i.e. no harsh chemicals. Plus, it is non-toxic and non-hazardous – except of course for the bacteria. It has a slight scent like baby-powder. However, the scent is not so strong that you would smell it when you wear the treated footwear.

house slippers Blister Blocker, deodorizer and shoe bag
Blister Blocker, deodorizer pump spray and shoe bag c/o Solemates. Winter house slippers are also often offenders that need an odor stopper

Does the Deodorizer Remove the Odor?

As you know I am a ballroom dancer. Most the time, I wear the dance sandals without tights or socks. After one hour of practice, the feet and the shoes’ insole are moist from sweating. And yes, they smelled when I pulled them out of the shoe bag the next time. Thus, I used to air them between usage to reduce the odor. This meant they were lined up along the wall of our well vented garage and I did not use the same pair for about a month. Not very practical, and not very efficient either.

black salsa sandals and anti odor treatment in a bottle

When I got the spray for review, I tried it immediately on the dance shoes I had used the day before. Like magic they scented fresh! No odor at all!

Problem solved efficiently!

Thus, I wore them for the next practice. Well, no odor after 1 hour of training! Even better than I thought it would be! Nevertheless, I gave them another “pump”, just in case and then treated all the other ones.

dance sandals and anti-odor pump spray
Shoe bag and anti-odor pump spray c/o The Solemates with some of my dance sandals

It’s Environmentally Friendly

The deodorizer comes in a pump spray bottle like a perfume. Consequently, no gases are used to spray. Your thumb or finger initiate and drive the spraying. This means it’s environmentally friendly! You may also like that the deodorizer liquid is produced in a solar-powered facility in southern California.

weather protection spary
Leather, suede and fabric protection spray to prevent footwear from being harmed by nasty weather and bag c/o Solemates with own winter booties


You can buy the anti-odor spray as a 6 oz or travel-friendly 2 oz bottle online at The Solemates for $12 and $20, respectively. You probably know this brand already from their great stylish footwear. Beside that they also offer environmentally friendly leather, suede and fabric protection spray and anti-friction blister blocker balm.

In a nutshell

The Solemates deodorizer is a non-toxic, all natural ingredients spray to block odor in footwear and gym bags that really works. The spray and its production are environmentally friendly, made in the USA. Get your deodorizer now.

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Photos: N. Mölders

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