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Motorcycle leather vest with GNW cardigan worn as top , suede skirt , pumps, and LV multi color saddle bag with studs (all own)

In Interior Alaska, the first flurries often fly in September. So they did this year. Last week we had the first load of snow. Fortunately, it was not much, and did not last long. I am not ready yet to wear booties, or boots despite I am eager to wear my new over-the-knee-boots.

When there are a couple of inches of fresh snow, pumps are not a good idea. Then I will have to schlep the pumps to the office in my bag to get the look I strive for. Often at the end of winter, I have nearly all my pumps neatly lined up along my office wall.

On the first day of the winter 2013/14 snow season, the snow was just on the vegetation, and roofs. It directly melted when it hit sealed ground surfaces. Thus, I was still able to wear my beloved black pumps as sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots were still snow-free. However, some of them were quite icy. Since the relative humidity of the air was quite high and temperatures were around the freezing point, I wore my white cotton cardigan as a blouse with long sleeved silk underwear to stay warm. I paired it with my red suede straight skirt and a string of pearls. To give this classic outfit some edge I added my studded motor cycle leather vest. I added the multi-color LV bag that I got as a birthday present from my husband.

#fashionover40 #fashionover50 Red-white-black edgy office look | High Latitude Style | http://www.highlatitudestyle.com
Front view of edgy office look with motorcycle vest and pearls (all own)

Photos: G. Kramm (2013)

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