Bring your pumps to look chic at the office


mature winter look with motorcycle coat and green beret
Burberry London loden motorcycle coat styled with green beret, black scarf, green SAK bag, and Nine West camouflage booties that pick up the different shades of green and black of the outerwear outfit (all own)

Musings on snowfall

We had a long snow drought here in Interior Alaska. Thus, nearly everybody was exited about the snow’s arrival. The snowfall did not stop for hours. Thus, we took the outfit pictures during snowfall. It did turn out quite well, I think. The snowflakes put nice stripes all over the photo. If one takes the exposure time the photographer took for the photo, one can assess the fall distance during the shot by comparison to my height, and can estimate the snowflakes terminal fall velocity. 😉 Ok, that’s the scientist in me. Let’s focus on the work outfit.

Business casual work look for mature women

I am wearing my motorcycle loden coat again that you had seen styled in another way in the post at the link. I added my camouflage booties, a green beret, green duffel bag, and black scarf. Underneath the coat, I wear the burgundy cashmere sweater over a long sleeve layering top (see here for similar layering tops). I topped these layers with my white blazer and finished with a below the knee length black leather skirt. At the office, I switched from booties to the burgundy ankle strap pumps to “complete” my indoor outfit. For another styling of the leather skirt see the post at the link.

Mature modern office outfit with white blazer and black leather skirt
Ann Taylor leather pencil skirt, Ann Taylor white blazer, statement necklace, GNW tight, and Steve Madden patent leather Mary Janes (all own)

Swap your boots with pumps at the office on snow days for a posh look

As can be seen in the outfit photo, pumps are not a great idea on a snow day. I just put them on to illustrate my business casual work outfit. Carrying pumps back and force to work is a no-brainer for me on snow days.

Sweating in heavy boots at the office may lead to cold feet on your way home

Wearing heavy winter boots at the office is not only heavy at the feet, it is also too warm. The feet start sweating and once one leaves the office to go home, the feet get cold while waiting for the bus or idling the car when warming up the engine. To be able to schlep my shoes back and forth I always buy large bags so they fit my laptop, and all the usual stuff a woman has in her bag plus the pumps. I put my pumps in a great zip-lock bag so any dirt would not end up in my bag.

Do your change your shoes at work in winter? How do you transport them? Or do you have an entire pump collection under your desk? Let me know by email, I am curious.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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