Silver pants and striped sweater Casual Friday look

fashionover40 woman in silver pants
Silver leather pants with striped gray cashmere sweater, open-toe sandals, gray belt and Modalo Pippa bag (all own)

What I wore on Casual Friday

Wearing jeans for Casual Friday becomes kind of boring. Thus, I tried something new: Silver leather pants for casual Friday. I see silver as a neutral color. However, when silver comes to leather is gets pretty attention catching. Thus, to keep the outfit low key and office appropriate in a casual, creative work environment, I added gray open toe booties, gray socks, a gray T-shirt, a gray striped cashmere sweater, and my gray Pippa bag. I choose two  gold colored charm necklaces to round up the outfit. Yes, I mixed the metals on purpose. I love throwing different colors of metal together. It’s fashion over 40!

styleover40 woman wearing silver pants with a striped sweater
Side view of look with silver leather pants, striped sweater, layering top, belt, open-toe sandals, and Modalo Pippa bag (all own)

Does your work place have a Casual Friday culture? If so what do you wear on Casual Friday?

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