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Childhood memories of disguising

When I was a kid, Halloween was not a thing at all in Germany. It didn’t become a custom until after the German unification. Actually, the first Halloween party that I attended in my life was an outdoor party with bonfire in Alaska.

When I was a kid, children disguised on the weekend before Ash Wednesday and went to parades or celebrations. Boys’ favorite costumes were American Native attire, cowboy and sheriff outfits. Among girls dressing up as a princess was at the top of the list followed by fairy, “Tanzmariechen” (sutler), and animal characters.

Disguising was about being rich and beautiful

When I was 6 years old, my parents had sent me again for six weeks in a children home for recreation. It was about the carnival time. Thus, in the week before Ash Wednesday, the caregiver asked us to pick a costume from a huge old wooden box. The girls were frighting for the princess dresses and accessories. There was yelling, pushing and pulling hairs. Some of the smaller girls were in tears when the taller girls took pieces away from them. It looked like all wars had broken loose. The caregiver had all hands full to get the girls to behave and stop the fight. I just stood there far away from the crowd and the costume box watching the scene like a war correspondent and shuck my head.

Once the big fight was over and the girls tried the dresses on and started happily giggling, and admiring themselves in front of the mirror wall, I went to the box. I searched for the elements of a witch costume. The caregiver looked at me and asked “Why do you want to dress as an ugly old witch? Don’t you want to be a young, rich, beautiful princess?”

When I am a witch, I’ll be still young when I am a 100 years old, I can do a spell and I’ll be rich all by myself, I can do a spell and I’ll be the most beautiful girl on the planet or even in the univers. Moreover, I am free to do whatever I want. It is just a spell away.

Logic wasn’t her thing

She looked at me as if she was hit by the bus, or as if I was crazy, while I put on my witch costume. Still not knowing what to say, she gave me a hateful look when I was done, and went on telling the other girls how pretty they were.

Do I have to say that on the day of the carnival celebration, she asked me again whether I wouldn’t want to be a beautiful, rich princess. I stood my ground that being a witch is better than being a princess and wore the witch costume. Too bad that I wasn’t allowed to be in the souvenir photo (to be sent to the parents) because I was dressed as a witch. 😉

Halloween costume ideas for women in midlife

Here are some Halloween outfit ideas that you can easily make from items in your own closet. Shop your closet for an awesome Halloween look! Tweet this.

#fashionover50 adult woman in a Halloween pioneer costume Pioneer costume for Halloween
midlife woman in saloon dance clothes for Halloween Saloon dance girl
#styleover50 midlife woman in vampire costume Vampire Halloween dress
mature woman in prairie costume Prairie settler costume

Another budget friendly way Idea is to shop your closet for a Halloween costume. When you liked the above inspirational photos, please pin the costumes to your own pinterest board as inspirations for your friends and family.

Halloween costume ideas

  • Witch outfit: Black T-shirt and black maxi skirt or black maxi dress, black loafers, make a cone hat from black thick paper, attach some cotton balls on the inside of the T-shirt or dress sleeves as bumps, use green eye-shadow on your face when doing the makeup, attach some whole all spice cut in half as moles on your face with eyelash glue, go for gray or dark burgundy lips, and broaden your eyebrows with eyebrow pencil, use a broken twig as a crane
  • Princess costume: Evening gown, or prom dress, costume jewelry and cut a tiara from gold foiled paper, round toe pumps, sash hold with brooch.
  • Hippie girl: Old partly ripped jeans, tie-dye shirt, floppy hat, wood beads necklace, long earrings, leather strappy sandals, fringe bag
  • Fairy: Tulle skirt in pastel color, pastel color T-shirt, make a cone hat from thick pastel or white color paper, pin to hair, cut a star and clue it to a stick
  • Fantasy hippie: Old oversize T-shirt, cut fringes in the hems of the shirt, pair with leggings or with the trendy fringe jeans
  • Sheik costume: Two old white bed sheets, in one cut a whole for your head in the middle of the sheet, belt it tight, put the other on your head and secure with a rolled headband and bobby pins
  • Puss hangover: Black leggings with band attached as tail, black long-sleeve T-shirt, black beanie with black triangles sewn on as ears, paint on a cat face, pull on your boots
  • German cafe waitress: Black midi skirt, white shirt, white short apron, lace-up shoes
  • Saloon girl look: Black fishnets, short party or cocktail dress with ruffles, add faux flowers and feathers on an old straw hat, black velvet band with brooch as choker, lace-up booties with heels or Mary Janes
  • Biker gal: Leather pants, motorcycle jacket, graphic T-shirt, motorcycle boots, scarf tied as headband
  • Flapper girl: H-cut slip, opera length pearl necklace, long dangling earrings, head band with brooch and feather
  • Pretty Woman at the polo game: Wear your brown polka dot dress with a white hat and white gloves

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What about the makeup?

When your costume requires makeup take a look at my time saving Halloween makeup tips.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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