Shadows of the Night

#over40fashion Mature women in casual Friday outfit | High Latitude Style |
Casual work outfit of boyfriend jeans, blazer, striped top, geometric scarf, Mary Janes and polka dot socks
#over40 Stylish Casual Friday look  | High Latitude Style |
London boyfriend jeans with statement belt, blazer, polka dot socks, Mary Janes, striped sweater and silk scarf (all own)


Again we made photos in the dark. Overnight it had snowed and it looked like we would just have a short break in snowfall. Thus, we took the opportunity to have photos without snowflakes overlays.

Fresh snow. I love fresh snow. It cleans up, and everything looks so nice and friendly again.

Of course I only wore the Mary Janes for the photo outside and at the office. For the commute to work I wore boots. However, I think the outfit just screams for some fancy shoes or socks like these polka dot pair that picks up the colors of the scarf of the indoor outfit as well as of the outerwear with Russian wool scarf. The cat necklace also picks up the colors of the silk scarf I used for the office outfit. It is a gift from my husband. He bought it as the cat looks like my tom cat Kasimir. The linen blazer and boyfriend jeans I wear year-round (here, here). It is just a question of the underwear and layering. The striped sweater is the one that gave my LBD the sleeves and that I wore under my sequin cardigan last week for Casual Friday (here).

#over40-fashion Mature woman in casual winter look  | High Latitude Style |
Outer outfit of Burberry motorcycle loden coat, Russian scarf (gift from BFF), gloves, polka dot socks, London boyfriend jeans and structured bag (all own)


Polka dot socks  | High Latitude Style |
Zoom-in on Mary Janes with polka dot socks


Cat necklace  | High Latitude Style |
Zoom-in on geometric scarf and cat necklace


Photos: G. Kramm

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