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#over40fashion #over50fashion printed dress with blouse as jacket | High Latitude Style |
Samantha Olsen dress c/o HSN with own Salvatore Ferragamo pumps, Ray Ban sunglasses, and Notations blouse

Announcement of Ageless Style series

After more than 7 month of Dress for Success, it is time for something new. Next Wednesday, a new series launches on High Latitude Style. It will address how to get Ageless Style. The goal is to identify items that make you look cool and stylish, but not over the top or too old or too young.

No, I am not talking about looking age-appropriate. I am talking about personal style. Personal style is ageless.

There is no reason to change your personal style just because you hit the 40 year mark. You never should settle for some Old Lady Style. Being in your 40s, 50s, 60s, …, 90s is not a sentence to wear clothes that don’t make you feel good. If you love an item, and it looks good on you, wear it. This is already the first important message of this new series. Tweet it to your friends.

This Ageless Style series will be all about having and keeping personal style. It is all about what, which, how, when and where you wear your clothes, and that you feel great in them. With respect to when and where the series is an extension of Dress for Success (see here for the posts).

#over40fashion #over50fashion printed dress | High Latitude Style |
Side view of outfit with Samantha Olsen dress c/o HSN, and own Salvatore Ferragamo pumps. Ray Ban sunglasses and Notations blouse

Here an example about my family style icon, great-grandma Elisabeth called grandma Lizzie, who felt (and always looked awesome) in her own personal style.

Family style icon

In the late 70s, my late mom told my sister and me that in the 40s, women over 40 were supposed to wear neutrals like navy, gray, or brown, i.e. tuned down colors. Nothing loud. Mostly neutrals, may be with a grayish light blue, grayish green, or rose pink top. The older a women got, the less color she was supposed to wear. Dresses and tops had high closure – in plain English – no cleavage. No prints. No pattern.

My mom continued that when she was a child, her grandma Lizzie broke these rule on a daily basis. She had worn floral printed dresses all her life. Note that I can’t even remember having seen granny Lizzie in anything, but floral dresses. “Of course, during the war nobody said something.” My mom continued “It was hard to find fabric so nobody (dared to) care about her floral print dresses. However, after WWII, my uncles, Dad, and mom started criticizing granny Lizzie – she was in her late 50s back then – whenever she bought another of her personal style floral dresses.”

One day, granny Lizzie had bought a summer dress on sale in the most crazy floral print you can imagine. Of course, my grandparents provided unsolisticated comments on her new purchase regarding the huge hand-size floral pattern and the “age inappropriate” v-neck cleavage and colors. “What do you want?” she countered “I can still crack a louse on my boobs.”

How you can get involved

The new series Ageless Style will start with floral prints next Wednesday. However, you can submit suggestions what questions I should address in this series. Let me know what you are struggling with by using the form below.

Please don’t get inpatient as I can only address one item per post. Thank you in advance for your suggestions. 🙂

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Zoom-in on the arm candies worn with the above outfit

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