stylist in pencil skirt
Oversize short sleeve blazer with gray cashmere sweater, Ann Taylor leather pencil skirt, polka dot silk scarf, vintage Esprit bag, and studded heels.

What does weather and climate and the change in seasons mean for fashion and style?

A lot, when you do not want to freeze, and nevertheless look stylishly. It determines how many clothes you need for a season and during the change of seasons, and you have to follow the weather forecasts to not get surprised by the first cold snap.

Short after I immigrated to Interior Alaska I overheard someone explaining to a visitor that Alaska has four seasons: June, July, August and winter. Tweet this. Living in the Interior since over 13 years, I would not disagree as in mid to end August the leaves turn yellow and are gone by mid September or so. One day in mid September, the weather switches from one day to the other to winter. This year, winter switched on September 23 with the first flurries flying.

How did I prepare for it?

Layering. In the short time between August and winter, I usually dress in such a way that I can go to lunch with something like a cardigan, a blazer (like in the photo above), or a light leather jacket. On the way to work, I throw over a leather, trench or other light coat. Together with the “lunch outerwear” doing so provides enough insulation to stay comfortable. At work, the insolation thru the south facing windows of my office and the turned down AC allow me to still wear my short sleeve cashmere sweaters (photo below). While before winter is “switched on”, I wear the coat unbuttoned, I button it once winter arrived. About a week or so later, it is usually so cold that I switch to wearing wool blazer underneath the light coat or wool coats. Since the time between wearing summer and winter clothes is so short (usually less than 2 to 3 weeks), it is better to layer rather then buying items especially for fall.

work outfit with studded heels
Gray cashmere sweater with polka dot silk scarf, leather pencil skirt and studded heels for a classic with a twist office look.

You can find more on the weather in Interior Alaska and what it means for living when the first frosty days hit.

Photos: G. Kramm

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