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fashion over 40 woman in leather joggers and blazer
mature style woman in Casual Friday outfit
Casual Friday work outfit with Jodi Michaels needle stripes zipper short sleeve blazer, Vince leather joggers, floral print oblong silk scarf, Gucci bamboo suede belt (all own), and wooden watch c/o Jord

Where is summer?

Can you believe that it is already June? This means the days will get again shorter after June 21! And here in Alaska it seems like summer hasn’t even started yet. On Friday, the Farmers Loop neighborhood of Fairbanks even had snow and temperatures were just 36F (2oC).  Okay, okay, we even see frost once every couple of years in June. Thus, gardeners in the Interior always spend good attention to the forecasts to cover their plants if needed.

fashion over 50 woman in joggers
Jodi Michaels short sleeve blazer, Vince leather joggers, floral print silk scarf, Gucci belt (all own)

Alaskans take small planes like a bus

To be honest, most Alaskans give a lot of attention to the weather forecasts. Weather can change from one to the other moment in the mountains and coastal areas.  Fog can block mountain passes or valleys and hinder small aircraft to reach their destination or even leave the place they are at. Did you know that Alaskans travel with small aircraft like people in other US states take the bus, subway or tram? The road system in the Nome area, for instance, is not connected to that of the Fairbanks and Anchorage area. The same applies to the “road network” in the Yukon Flats.

style over 50 woman with belt and scarf
Jodi Michaels needle stripe zipper blazer, Vince leather jogging, floral silk scarf, Gucci bamboo suede belt (all own), wooden watch c/o Jord

Posts you loved

The most read posts were the review of Just Fashion Now a new trend fashion online store and the review of Covered Perfectly’s top. It is great to know that you appreciate my spending the time writing reviews. 🙂

mature style woman in weekend look with jacket and bag
Tahari scuba jacket, Dr. Scholl wedges, silk neck scarf, Ray Ban sunglasses, statement necklace, Coach striped bag (all own), and blue maxi dress c/o Just Fashion Now
over 40 fashion woman in draped top and BF jeans
London boyfriends, Michael Kors sandals, Paloma Picasso sunglasses, statement necklace, lace camisole, Dior neckerchief (all own), and Sylvia draped top c/o Covered Perfectly

The posts that got the most Likes in May were my articles about the history background of the Flower Power fashion tribe and how it later made its way into the mainstream fashion, and Mother’s Day outfit suggestions. Did you wear Flower Power back then? What did you wear on Mother’s Day?

Focus Alaska

In Focus Alaska, I featured the Trans Alaska Pipeline, a funny real life Alaska story about a guy who worked hard, views from the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus, and an unexpected smoke cloud.

Alaska University Hills as seen from the UAF campus
View from the eastern part of the UAF campus to the northeast onto the University Hills

It is worth mentioning that one of my Fairbanks readers send me an email telling me that the smoke came from waste oil that is burned once a week on the far out end of land that belongs to the airport. Thanks you! At least, this explains why the fire stopped so suddenly. The reason why I never had seen it before was that I left the office quite late because I wanted to finish something by the end of the week. LOL. Sometimes you get to see things just because you went out of your rut. 😉

Fashion over 40 DIY tutorials

Many women over 40 are not as tall as the 20 something women for whom most of the fashion industry cuts the clothes. Thus, when we 40+ women are less than 5 ft 7 (1.70 m), we either have to have a tailor on speed dial and bite the bullet of extra costs for alterations or do it ourselves. Thanks goodness when you had a sewing class in middle school.

Some trends like the patched on everything can be easily made from clothes we already own by some small changes. Since we are then in control of the look they won’t look cheap like a comparable fast fashion trendy item.

Therefore, I published two DIY fashion posts, one on shortening a high-low hem dress and another one on making your own patched clothes. I wonder whether you want to read more posts on alteration of clothes or making your own clothes. Would you love to have a monthly post related to this subject?

DIY patching a shirt
The steps of how to make your own patched shirt. 1 and 2) arrange the patches and take a photo, 3) heat the iron, 4) put a patch in the foreseen place according to the photo of the design, 5) iron patch on and wait until it is cool, 6) add the next patch on by continuing at 4)

how to shorten a high low hem maxi dress

Secrets to a happy life despite of health issues

This month’s blogger expert roundup post addressed how to live life to the fullest despite of chronic pain or disease. The tips also apply well to the menopausal annoyances. 😉 If you have a specific subject that you want to be explored in a roundup post, please let me know by sending me an email.

Linkup parties

I am continuing the weekly Top of the World Style linkup parties on Thursday staring at 4 am EST (12 am AKDT, 8 am UTC). I am accepting cohosts for the party. You can linkup here for this week’s party. Are you interested in co-hosting?  Just drop me an email for details.

Some of my blogging friends and I host a monthly Ageless Style Linkup party on the first Tuesday of each month under one them. June’s party will feature the cold shoulder look. See how 10 fashion and style bloggers work this trend, get inspired, and link up your outfit instagram or blog posts. Have you jumped the bandwagon on this trend?

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