See my royal blue Diwali outfit
Nicole of High Latitude Style donning a royal blue sari (all own) over a navy blue halftee c/o Halftee at the Faorbanks Diwali party

Each Diwali need a brandnew outfit

The festival of lights was already a while ago, but I haven’t shown you the photos yet. Part of it was that the annual party organized for the event actually took place about two weeks later due the ballroom being booked for other events like Halloween, etc. Thus, another week late seemed not of major importance. Earlier would be good as then the outfit could serve as an inspiration for those of you who are invited to a Diwali party. Now the outfit serves more as a nice thing to look at. Fashion entertainment, so to speak. But that’s also a goal of this blog.

The dressing question

Last year, I recycled a sari I had worn before and was quite nervous about it. Some of my friends just expect that I show up in a new look every time when there is a festive event. Well, I don’t poop money and I also don’t print it. Wearing something new all the time is not something I can afford, nor what I want to do. I buy clothes because I like them and want to wear them more than one time. I meant put a piece of clothes on in the fitting room would be enough when it were just to wear it once! LOL. Not to mention that you cannot go into a store in Fairbanks and ask the sales person to show you the newest collection of saris.

guests in the ballroom waiting for the show of lights to start
Guests in the University of Alaska Fairbanks Carol Brown Ballroom chatting while waiting for the event to start. In the background, the stage can be seen.

A new saree

This summer, a friend of mine gave me a new sari as a birthday gift. She just had visited family and bought this royal blue beauty for me. She knows that I love bold bright deep colors. The fabric flows nicely and was easy to wrap. I love the zigzag embroidery at the hem and the delicate gold-color and red abstract floral embroidery.

#Diwalistyle mature woman in Indian look and jewelry at a Diwali party
Embroidered sari, statement belt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Ivanka Trump pearl embellished heels, amber and onyx necklace, ethnic necklaces (all own), and halftee c/o Halftee

Since it was a cold day, I wore my halftee with long shleeves underneath instead of a blouse. I styled the look with a statement belt and ethnic style jewelry. I added my metal bag that was a find on a market in Morocco in the late 80s. You have seen this bag already in many posts here on the blog. It sort of goes with everything.

I went with a royal blue eyeshadow that I applied very sparsely. I chose a berry-pink lipstick and light make-up. I wanted to emphasize the contrast of deep vs. light color.

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traditional clothes three women of Tonya's group in dress over pants
Tonya’s group presenting a dance in beautiful bold color dresses over pants

The entertainment

The event started with welcome notes followed by a song. I really loved the red, gold and white sari of the singer. Unfortunately, she stood in front of a pult so I had no chance to take a photo.

ethnic Indian dancing clothes
Members of Tonya’s Group in bold color Indian outfits performing a dance

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blogger Nicole of High Latitude Style in a royal blue and navy Indian outfit
Here my husband suprised me with taking a photo. In other words, I walked too fast for the bad light conditions in the room and so my feet and hands look a bit blurry. I share the photo nevertheless as it shows best the nice movement of the fabric. Royal blue sari, statement belt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Invanka Trump sandals, vintage necklaces (all own), Indian earrings (gift from a girlfriend), and halftee c/o Halftee

There were various dances presenting traditional dances of the various Indian holidays. The young dancers wore beautiful, colorful dresses in all colors of the rainbow. Gold embroidery, sequin embellishment or all of it at once. I sneaked into the aisle to capture some of the clothes for the blog. Aren’t these pieces stunning?

Indian food plate with various spicy food and desserts
What I ate. This dish was delicious.

Delcious food

Like in all cultures, a holiday isn’t a holiday without lots of delicious food. The photo above shows what I picked out of the variety of dishes. There were also several meat dishes, fish, white rice, lemon rice and a rice with various spices, herbs and small vegetables. From far it looked like risotto, but it smeeled quite different. I prefer vegetrian food over meat or fish and pan-fired bread/pancakes and/or potatoes over any variation of rice. That’s why you don’t see any of the meat, fish or rice samples on my plate. My husband had chosen the same food samples except for the desserts and a sample of lemon rice. Therefore I didn’t take a photo of his plate. Except for the dessert all my samples were very spicy. I love spicy food! What about you?

young dancers in traditional gowns
Another region’s traditional dance presented in beautiful gowns by yound Fairbanksans

Like this outfit? You might also like to see my Punjabi outfit or gold thread with golden sequin embroidered and embellished black sari that I wore twice.

Wondering what I do with the saris? Upcycling!.

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Photos of me: G. Kramm

Other photos: N. Mölders

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  1. This Main Line Life

    That’s such a pretty outfit. I love that shade of blue. Sounds like a really fun time.
    x, Julie

  2. Nicole Mölders

    Thanks. Great idea. I’ll put it on my to-do list for vacation or summer style.

  3. Sabine Gimm

    Ein hübsches Outfit liebe Nicole 🙂

    Liebe Grüße Sabine

  4. yourtrueselfblog

    Hi, Nicole
    I LOVE ethnic dress! I have been wanting to wear a sari, but can’t figure out how to wrap it; it looks so complicated even in the online tutorials. Maybe you could write a post about how to put one on?…without having to go out and buy a one-piece sari dress. The scarves are much more versatile.

  5. Jodie

    What a gorgeous outfit, Nicole!!

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