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Go beyond the bad feelings of hand-me downs

We are all about being friendly to our environment, and using our resources consciously. Thus, we also want environment-friendly fashion. Having grown up in the 70s or 80s, recycling has become our second nature. When we had siblings, and were the younger or not as tall as the other sibling, we wore hand-me downs. Of course, we often hated these hand-me downs for various reasons. For those, who were fortunate (?) not to have siblings: The friends of our siblings knew that we wore a hand-me down of our sibling. Often they were also our friends. So our friends also knew it. Furthermore, the items may have even already not It anymore. Thus, they made us out among the It crowd of our classmates or whatever group was important to us. If that weren’t all bad enough, our sibling’s and our style were different. Just we felt like Judy in disguise. At least, this was the case with the hand-me downs from my younger, but taller sis. The worst part, mom insisted on wearing them until the stuff fell apart or wouldn’t fit any longer, what seemed like an eternity to my “teenager me”.

#fashionover40 dress worn as skirt with thrifted collar
Karina Dress worn as skirt with GNW Luxe dyed sweater, GNW tight, consigned collar, second hand Manolo Blahnik booties, Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle as well as Celine tote (all bought on eBay)
#fashionover50 winter look with flare skirt and second hand bag and booties
Back view of outfit with Karina Dress worn as skirt, GNW Luxe dyed sweater, GNW tight, consigned collar, second hand Celine bag and Manolo Blahnik booties (all bought on eBay)

Learn to love second hand

Today second hand can bring you things that you couldn’t afford otherwise. Being a state employee, I can’t afford to spend a thousand dollar on a pair of shoes, two thousand or more on a hand bag, or $500 on a pair of jeans. However, I like a Chanel bag, or Valentino rock studs, or this seasons It shoe from Gucci like the next gal. So what? I go for second hand fashion items on eBay, or in online stores that specialize in consignment of high fashion and browse the local thrift and consignment stores. You can learn how to score high on eBay and how to save time shopping consignment stores. When you are new to second hand the best point to start is learning which designers and brands to look for in second hand stores. You can download my free list of brands/designers to buy second hand as a start.

#styleover40 woman in winter work outfit with thrifted boots
Karina Dress worn as skirt with GNW Luxe dyed sweater, GNW tight, consigned collar, and second hand Celine bag, Manolo Blahnik booties, Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle (all bought on eBay), and Jord bamboo watch (own)

Second hand works from head to toe

Second time around is such a great concept! One woman’s trash can be the other woman’s treasure. It is amazing what you can find second hand. Sometimes the item has been worn only once. I got a pair of silver Ralph Lauren pointy toe pumps for less than $70. The previous owner had only worn them for a photo! The sole didn’t even have a scratch. In principle, they were brand new! The photos below show shoes that are a second time around.

fashion over 40 London Jean boyfriend jeans, the Limited striped T-shirt, linen blazer, structured bag bought on eBay, statement belt and necklace, Hermes collier de chien cuff, and second time around Ralph Lauren silver pumps (all own)
#fashionover50 eBay Valentino stud Valentino Rock Studs found on eBay
#maturestyle thrifted cutout pumps Thrifted Anne Klein pumps
#fashionover40 all black outfit eShakti lace pencil skirt with BCBG belt, Moda International top, thrifted BCBG studded pumps (all own) and wooden sports watch c/o Jord

How to style second hand clothes

In a local consignment store, I found great sheath dresses, skirts and blazers in my size. Military wives and women, who get an assignment in a warmer climate sell the clothes that they won’t/can’t wear there anymore for the next three years. Also incoming military wives and women sell they warmer climate summer clothes because they anticipate the summers to be much colder than they are. May be our Interior summers are actually much colder for them than they feel to us who are used to the climate. When I arrive in Seattle in winter, I feel like I am thawing, upon arrival in Denver, I feel like I am melting. 😉 The photos below show some outfits with consigned items.

#styleover50 mature woman in second hand shirt dress with belt Kieselstein Cord belt with snake tail buckle, Coach bag (all second hand), consigned Novo dress, Ray Ban sunglasses (all own), Musse & Cloud plateau sandals c/o Coolway, and wood watch c/o Jord
#fashionover50 fall outfit with summer pieces and thrifted accessories Jones New York striped cardigan, Ralph Lauren polka dot pleated skirt, Brooks Brothers cashmere sweater (all thrift finds), Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, Prada bag, L.K. Bennett pumps (all own)
#maturestyle woman in a sleek shirt dress with scarf and second hand pumps Thrifted Express shirt dress, Salvatore Ferragamo pumps (eBay), Dooney and Brooke bag (thrifted), scarf (gift from grandma), beaded necklace (all own), and wood watch c/o Jord
#dancefashion woman in second hand ballroom dancing gown Ballroom dance dress (second hand), Very Fine Dance Shoes sandals (all own), fishnet tights c/o No nonsense

Do you wear items that are a second time around? Do you give great items you don’t wear anymore to consignment? Do you consign to stretch your budget and thrift to stay on budget? Do you browse second hand stores on a regular basis? If so, what to you look for? I am curious, send me an email.

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