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Score bag review featuring the It bag that is see-thru to accelerate going thru the security line of sports arenas. Read what I think about the bag.

  1. Security Is a Must on Game Day
  2. The Problem
  3. Designer Deni Sciano has the Key to a Solution
  4. Great Quality Convinces
  5. What Else I Like about Deni Sciano’s See-thru Purse Design
  6. Who would love Deni Sciano’s clear bags?
  7. Score Bag Review in a Nutshell
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Disclosure: The bucket bag is a sample of my choice from Score Game Day Bag. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it myself and all opinions are my own and 100% honest. There are affiliate links in this post.


Security is a Must on game day

Who likes waiting in long lines? No one I know does! When you are a ice-hockey, football, baseball, soccer, basket ball  or other game sports fan you know what I am talking about. Not a sports fan? But your niece, daughter or friends are? Then read on, as this is about a great idea for a holiday gift from Score Game Day Bag for them.


The problem

At these sporting events, the time standing in the queue to enter the stadium seems sometimes to be longer than the time of the actual game! And, yes, it’s a weekend. It’s your spare time that you actually want to enjoy and use to relax. Recharge your batteries as people often say. As if you were a robot!

Well, it would be nice to have a robot to stand in line for you. Instead you are standing in line with an occasional move. You think given the pace of the lines’ progress, the game will be over before you even hit the gate; a snail will pass you in the meanwhile. You spend your energy on becoming grumpy rather than relaxing.

Let’s get realistic. The security guys and gals including stadium officials are checking the insides of purses and backpacks. Sure, it’s important, but couldn’t it be faster than this? More personnel comes to mind. However, that would increase costs big time. The ticket price would go up. One would also need more gates … Reconstruction, i.e. even longer lines during that time. No way!


Designer Deni Sciano has the key to a solution

… and it’s an incredibly stylish/chic one.

Deni Sciano is an avid sports fan like you or you loved ones. She had an idea how to speed up the security process! You will love her idea as it’s a stylish new way for women to help the security guys and gals as well as to show support for your favorite team.

She has designed sporty purses that meet stadium security requirements for NFL, NCAA, and high school stadiums. It comes even better! At the same time, these designer bags allow for a fast security look! She has designed clear bucket and satchel bags with trim in all major leagues and college team colors. And it’s actually a bag every female sports fan wants. How great is that? Take a note for a great gift idea for all your nieces, daughters and grand-daughters who are sport enthusiasts.


zoom-in on score clear bucket carryall sticked seams

zoom on crystal embellishment and seams for the Score bag review
Designer clear bucket with polka dot trim, stitched seams, score pendant with crystals and D rings. Inside the secret wallet to hold credit cards, money, ID, etc. is seen.


Great quality convinces

Her Game Day Clear Collection handbags have machine-stitched seams and are made from thick polyurethane. These features provide strength and durability. The metal hardware looks high quality, i.e. not cheap. This means the bags are not just for teenagers and twenty somethings. Or in other words, they aren’t fast fashion.

The bucket bag (shown in this post), for instance, has a sturdy, 45-inch cross-body shoulder band and D-rings on both side. Perfect for your keys. Deni Sciano‘s bags are recognizable as designer bags among fashion connoisseurs as they feature her rhinestones signature style. What makes a real sports fan’s heart beep faster? The bags’ trim uses polka dots to show their fav team’s colors. There are 33 different choices!

Full disclosure: I am a ballroom dancer and picked the bucket bag in burgundy and silver, just because these colors look elegant together. Honestly, I have no idea which team that is. LOL.


What else I love about Deni Sciano’s see-thru purse design

All bags of her game day clear bag collection have a slim interior pouch (read privacy) for money, driver’s license, ID and credit cards. Plus they have a clear pocket in which you can put your event-ticket for fast scanning at the gate. No need to pull the ticket on your cell phone. Murphy’s law also always calls for the phone going dark when they are finally ready to scan. Thus, you outsmart Murphy. 😉

The price of $59 for this so-called Sarah Jean Clear Bucket is well justified given the high quality craftsmanship.



style blogger in winter outerwear with down-coat and hat

over 50 years old Alaskan woman in outfit to watch a winter sports event
Heeled ducks, Ethyl boot-cut jeans, Zara faux fur sweater, unbranded pom pom hat, LeatherCoatsEtc gloves, DIY earrings, Hermes collier de chien bangle (all own), down-coat c/o HappyGoatLucky and bucket shoulder purse c/o Score



Who Would Love Deni Sciano’s Clear Bags?

Every woman who regularly attends games will appreciate this cute carry-all of the Game Day Clear Collection. It’s not only stylish, but increases the speed of the security line. The more women don a clear purse, the faster  the entire line will move. That means the security check will be faster than with traditional bags, at least when you are the person to be cleared. Furthermore, the pieces of Deni Sciano’s clear bag collections are incredibly stylish making the line to a runway. Her designs are a Must-have for each female who loves to watch the games.


details of the designer Score bag reviewed

heeled duck, see-thru bucket tote, jeans, gloves, coat and sweater
Zoom-in on the tote that holds a water bottle, keys, sun screen, sunglasses, lipstick, floss, and other items needed when watch a winter sport event



Score Bag Review in a Nutshell

Browse the Game Day Collection.

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  1. quintanj1

    I checked out their link! I love their bags!! Great idea for attending games!

  2. Kellyann Rohr

    Thanks for linking up with us on the Style Six! That bag is super cute and so much better than some of the other options I’ve seen. I hate the idea of a clear bag but I suppose it’s necessary.

  3. mywendee

    cute photos
    The Glossychic
    Wonder Cottage

  4. I don’t go to sporting events often Nicole, but I could have used one when we recently received tickets to a Nortre Dame hockey game. After waiting in a long long in the cold rain, my husband had to trek my regular tote bag all the way back to the car. Yikes! Next time I’ll know. 😉 Love that you go the one with the red trim.


  5. Nicole Mölders

    I chose the largest bag they had. I guess that’s an Alaskan thing. Big is hip. LOL. They have really cute small ones. Check it out.

  6. These clear bags are really becoming popular for getting into stadiums! Anything to save a little time, right? This one you’re sharing is so stylish, too!


  7. mireilleftm

    I have seen a lot of cute clear bags. We do not go to sporting events nor concert much so last time, I did not bring a thing but my cell phone: fast through the security line!

  8. shelbeeontheedge1

    This is a brilliant idea! And such a cute bag! I get so frustrated when we go to Penn State games with all the regulations about what you can carry in. I have to say though, as cute as your bag is, it actually looks too big for the Penn State regulations! I had to carry my son’s epi-pen in with me and the tiny little epi-pen carrying case barely met the allowed dimensions and that thing is small enough to clip onto my belt loop! Maybe professional games allow bigger bags. In any event, this idea is fantastic. I absolutely love it! Thanks for introducing it to us all.


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