Save big money on dry cleaning your favorite jeans

#iDryel Dryel dry cleaning pens for delicate clothes requiring dry cleaning

Dry cleaning your jeans?

When you are a regular reader of fashion magazines you always find the following recommendation
Protect your investment in a dark blue jeans by having it dry-cleaned. Click To Tweet
I always thought something like

  • “Great tip gals, but who on Earth has the money for the dry cleaning bill.”
  • “Who has the money for dry cleaning jeans has enough money to buy just a new pair when the old one is dirty!” or
  • “My dry cleaning bill will be higher than the price of my jeans in no time!”

The editors of the magazines argu that your jeans wouldn’t fade so fast. Moreover, the jeans would last longer than when you wash them. I totally agree with these arguments. But up to recently, the cost-benefit analysis was in favor for washing my jeans inside out.

Well, recently, I changed my mind. I now dry clean my jeans. Why?

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#iDryel how to remove oily spots

What finally convinced me to start dry clean our jeans

A kid had spilled vegetable oil at dinner party, we were invited to. At home, I had tried to remove the spot by washing the jeans, but failed two times to get rid of the spot. My husband was about to trash his favorite jeans. I didn’t want to throw out his nearly brand new perfect pair of jeans and decided to give dry cleaning a try. Thus, I put it in the dry cleaning basket. My plan was to add it to the load the next time I would dry clean with Dryel.

#iDryel Dryel dry cleaning pens for delicate clothes requiring dry cleaning
Six pack of Dryel dry cleaning pens. The pens can be easily carried in your purse to dry clean immediately when a spill happens on delicate clothes that need dry cleaning

Dryel pen for immediate dry cleaning of spills on delicate clothes

When you are a regular on the blog, you know that I became one of the few Dryel Ambassadors. Last week, Dryel had sent me a package of their brand new dry cleaning pens. Thus, I wanted to try them out. The only thing that had a serious spot was that said jeans. Thus, I treated the jeans with the Dryel pen. Guess, what? The spot was gone after drying! The jeans was saved. 🙂 I was really impressed that the Dryel dry cleaning pen already removed the spot that soap and water were unable to remove.

DIY dry cleaning saves money

That made me think again about the magazine’s recommendations and I started doing the math. DIY at home dry cleaning with Dryel costs less than a dollar per item! Never forget in doing the math that water and soap also cost money! This means I can afford to protect my investment in a great pair of dark jeans from fading. In addition, I save my other other laundry from getting blued by accident. I am now dry cleaning my and my hubby’s jeans.

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Another thing I love about at home dry cleaning

I also love that Dryel permits last minute dry cleaning when needed. But of course, you have the lowest costs with a full load of dry cleaning pieces (about 5 items). That was the reason why my hubby’s jeans was waiting in the basket. I am a frugal person. 😉

I can only recommend the Dryel dry cleaning pen! You can buy the Dryel dry cleaning pens on HSN. You can also find the link when you go to the official Dryel Facebook page.

Tip: Always carry one in your purse.
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Do you dry clean your jeans? Do you DIY or bring them to the dry cleaner? Have you already tried DIY dry cleaning? If not, here is a tutorial how to dry clean at home. It’s super easy!

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Disclosure: I am proud to be a Dryel ambassador. This post is sponsored by Dryel. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinions.

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