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Asymmetric hem rose pink dance dress with T-strap 4 inch (10 cm) heel dance shoes for salsa

This post addresses what kind of dresses or outfit to wear for various Saturday night dance events.

  1. What to wear for dancing on Saturday nite?
  2. Best dance outfits for a Western Bar
  3. What to wear to a milonga?
  4. Salsa cruise and tequila tasting

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What to wear for dancing on Saturday nite?

My husband and I are passionate ballroom and swing dancers. When we go out for swing dancing I like to wear jeans with a top as the dance place is not very formal. It is not like dressing for a military ball. It is more a country and western style place. When we go out for milongas or Latin I prefer a flapper type dress. In other words, what to wear when going out for dancing, your have to consider the venue. The look must allow to dance to the type of music played, the vibe of the music and match the dress-code of the place itself.

Best dance outfits for a Western Bar

Here is my Saturday nite outfit example for swing dancing at a Western bar: Rolled up washed jeans, studded heels, a sequin stripe top, and a faux fur bomber. I bought this bomber two years ago for going out when Tucker had a joint venture with Target. I have to admit that I switch to dance shoes when we arrive at the dance place. I can walk in these heels, but they are too high for safe swing dancing.

Another reason to wear jeans for swing dancing is that we do some aerials and lifts. Thus, a skirt or dress is not a suitable choice. On the contrary, Latin dances and milongas are well “grounded”. Thus, a feminine dress works well and looks great.

stylist in black with blue sequins striped tunic, BF jeans, faux fur bomber, studded pumps

stylist in sequin top, faux fur bomber jacket, boyfriend jeans
Outfit for dancing/date night with thirfted sequin tunic ($12) with London boyfriend jeans (bought on sale), and Tucker for target bomber jacket (all own)


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An alternative is a retro fit-and-flare dress like the next look. To stay with the retro-theme go for opaque tights.

dancer in retro 1950s inspired blue dress with red cardigan and tights
Fit-and-flare dress with cardigan, tights, and booties for a dinner party in winter

When you like the outfit, why not pinning it to your Pinterest board?

What to wear to a milonga?

Anything flapper or 1920s inspired goes for a milogna in a conservative place with mostly generation X or baby boomer customers.

High Latitude Style blogger presenting a vintage inspired flapper attire for a summer marriage ceremony
High-low hem floral print dress with beading and sequins and build-in slip to avoid see-thru. Pair it with metallic flat sandals and a lavender leather or fabric clutch for a garden outdoor ceremony


fashion influencer in floral asymmetric hem dress
Floral dress with asymmetric hem over lace slip with leopard print T-strap Neo Tango heels (all own)

Salsa cruise and tequila tasting

The salsa cruise on the Chena River is an annual event in Fairbanks and a “go to” for everyone in the dancing community. The chairs are removed from the riverboat to make place for dancing. DJ atm  plays salsa and people dance.

River dance cruises on deck of a river boat …

… mean you are dinner for the the mosquitoes. That’s why a cocktail dress is not your best option. Well, the riverboat is a tourist boat meaning that it has outside decks. There are tons of mosquitoes during a late evening cruise. It always seems like the mosquitoes come out at 7pm. The top with sequins makes the outfit event appropriate. The jeans and bomber leather jacket are good protection from the “blood suckers”.

What do you wear when you go out with your significant other?

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