Salsa cruise is a blast on the beautiful Chena

Salsa cruise – dancing and tequilla tasting

The salsa cruise on the Chena River is an annual event in Fairbanks and a “go to” for everyone in the dancing community. The chairs are removed from the riverboat to make place for dancing. DJ atm  plays salsa and people dance.

#fashionover50 midlife woman in dance outfit for a salasa cruise on the river
Leather bomber over sequin striped tunic and London boyfriend jeans with studded pumps (all own)

River dance cruises on deck of a river boat …

… mean you are dinner for the the mosquitoes. That’s why I do wear an outfit like this instead of a cocktail dress? Well, the riverboat is a tourist boat meaning that it has outside decks and that there are tons of mosquitoes during this late evening cruise. It always seems like the mosquitoes come out at 7pm. The top with sequins makes the outfit event appropriate, the jeans and bomber leather jacket protected me well from the “blood suckers”. I was only bitten twice. One in the face, one in the left foot.

It’s not all about dancing and drinking

Besides dancing my favorite part of the salsa cruise is when the boat reaches the Tanana River. The Tanana is glacier fed, while the Chena is rain fed. Thus, the Tanana’s water looks very “milky”, while the Chena’s water is very clear. Moreover, the Tanana has a higher water surface than the Chena. Where they flow together one can see how they mix, the eddies of various size and the change in color due to the mixing process. It is just fascinating.

Photo: G. Kramm

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