Cat dress to look awesome like Posh

Victoria Beckham dress

I love the sleek posh look of Victoria Beckham’s cat dress

When I saw a photo of Victoria Beckham wearing this sleek cat dress in a magazine, I had to have it. I love cats and found the cat print so interesting. When one looks from far, the print looks quite interesting. You have to come close to realize that the print are white and red cats. I also liked the sort of late 1920s cut with the drop waist and the interesting sleeves.

#styleover40 midlife woman in Victoria Victoria Beckham pleated cat dress
Victoria Beckham salmon pink pleated cat print silk dress with vintage Esprit shoulder bag, studded heels, Paloma Picasso sunglasses, Hermes collier de chien cuff, DIY oblong silk scarf, and garnet statement necklace and earrings (all own)

How to style a Victoria Beckham cat dress

This dress is quite girlie, which is not my usual style. Moreover, I’m about a decade older than her. Thus, to style the dress along my personal preferences, I added studded pumps to give the look an edge. I also added a white silk scarf and wear it the Indian way, i.e. hanging down in the back for interest. I pinned the scarf to the dress so the scarf does not slip away or gets blown away by some wind gusts.

#fashionover40 back view of mature woman in Victoria Beckham pleated dress with cat print
Back view of salmon-pink Victoria Beckham drop waist pleated skirt cat print dress styled with black studded patent leather heels, and oblong DIY white silk scarf pinned to the dress (all own)

How would you wear this salmon pink print dress? Do you love the sleek posh style of Victoria Beckham’s collections? What’s your favorite piece from her line? Do you own a dress from her line? Which one/ Let me know, I am curious.

Photos: G. Kramm

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