I love how awesome pink and red look together

fashion over 40 Various shades of red in a work outfit
Red G-III suede skirt with burgundy cashmere sweater and pink Hinge quilt leather jacket, statement necklace and Steven patent leather ankle strap burgundy pumps

Color combination style rules

Starting in third grade, I was allowed to pick my outfit of the day. However, my mother had strong rules about what to wear together, and what not to wear together. For instance, I was not allowed to wear red and pink together or red and brown. My mother claimed that red and pink looks like a “rosarotes Schweinchen”, i.e. a red pink piglet. Today, one would probably say Miss Piggy alert. In the case of brown and red, she would say that these colors “beissen sich” (bite each other), what basically in plain English would mean, they clash.

fashionover50  Woman in work outfit in pink and red
Steve Madden ankle strap pumps and cashmere sweater with G-III skirt and pink Hinge  quilted leather jacket

Break old fashion rules – so chic

Nevertheless, I think you can wear these colors together like in this outfit. Yes, it is tricky, but when you keep the colors very distinct from each other, it works as the pink and red are in the same color family. Pink and brown is a classic. And brown is a neutral. Thus, where is the problem?

Here I am wearing my oxblood ankle strap shoes and cashmere sweater again, the pale pink quilted cropped leather jacket instead of a blazer, and  red suede skirt. This outfit keeps me warm at the office, but was cold when we took the photo.

over40fashion woman wearing street style
Cayenne leather coat with geometric print scarf, vintage leather hat, G-III skirt, Steve Madden patent leather ankle strap pumps and Kate Moss for Longchamp tan bag (all own)

Think of outerwear as an outfit too

Since winter is so long in Interior Alaska, I like to think of my outer layer as an additional outfit. Thus, for the commute to and from work, I added a printed silk scarf with a pink, bluish, tan brown, and burnt red pattern with my burnt red leather coat, and tan gloves and Kate Moss for Longchamp bag. The scarf ties the outfit together.

You can find other inspirations on styling outerwear, and with this coat right at these links.

Which old fashion rules of your mother do you break? Do you follow fashion rules like no white after Labor Day? Let me know by email, I am curious.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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