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Spring bag c/o Olivia + Joy with own Ann Klein cable-knit cashmere sweater, Jones New York cardigan, BCBG leather capris, Ray Ban Jackie O. sunglasses and Vigotti driver's shoes

This review of Olivia + Joy vegan summer bag addresses the interior and design of the bag, quality and prizing as well as versatile to style. Read my thoughts about the bag.

  1. Olivia + Joy’s Spring Collection
  2. Olivia + Joy Keeps You Covered with Vegan Bags for Every Occasion
  3. Olivia + Joy’s Sylvia Bag Keeps You Organized
  4. How I Styled the Bag
  5. Review of Olivia + Joy Vegan Summer Bag in a Nutshell

Disclosure: Ad. The bag is a sample of my choice from Olivia + Joy. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.

Olivia + Joy’s Spring Collection

When Olivia + Joy asked me to review a bag of their spring collection, I did not hesitate a moment to accept. I really love the Olivia + Joy collections.

Olivia + Joy Keeps You Covered with Vegan Bags for Every Occasion

Their spring collections offer everything from cute for Sunday’s Best or the Easter brunch outfit, over sexy for date night out, sporty casual for going to the gym, a play date, walking the dog or heading to the beach, to structured and sophisticated for work. The Rock’n Roll gal can find bags with studs and chains, while the hard-to-die Romantic Style woman finds bags with bows and ruffles.

All these bags are fashion-forward, well-organized, affordable, high quality pleather bags. From far you can’t even tell that it is not leather!

Olivia & Joy bag
Zoom-in on Sylvia spring bag c/o Olivia + Joy. The faux straw section is actually woven. The pleather in the chain is a sewn like in high end bags


Details of inside compartment of Olivia + Joy spring bag
View into the front large inside compartment onto the fabric linen with Olivia + Joy print and the two inside pockets for a phone and a wallet/glasses


compartment of Olivia + Joy bag
View into the large back side compartment of the Sylvia spring bag c/o Olivia + Joy with an open pocket and a zipper pocket with Olivia + Joy logo plate


Olivia + Joy’s Sylvia Bag Keeps You Organized

Have a look at it yourself! The photos above illustrate the bag’s functionality. There are two roomy compartments that fit even a tablet or laptop. One compartment has two side pockets, one fits a phone, the other fits a wallet or (sun)glasses. In the large other compartment, you find a small zipper pocket for change and another pocket for keys. These multiple pockets inside the Olivia + Joy bag allow you to be organized and find everything when you need it. The bag has a nice Olivia + Joy printed lining. Such lining interiors go only without saying for high-end, expensive bags.


blue and white spring bag
Jones New York cardigan with Anne Klein cable-knit sweater, BCBG leather Capri (all own) and Sylvia spring bag c/o Olivia + Joy


This sample bag from the Olivia + Joy Spring collection is a twist on the well-known classic silhouette of a straw bag with leather frame (photo above). The straw part is actually woven. The bag has a handle and a chain link with pleather strap to keep the hands free. All darts and seams are sewn with same width.

Verdict: Such exact craftsmanship I only take for granted for expensive leather bags.

Spring bag
Spring bag c/o Olivia + Joy worn casual with own pearls, Anne Klein sweater, Jones New York cardigan, Ray Ban sunglasses and BCBG capris


Olivia + Joy straw bag
Zoom-in on spring bag c/o Olivia + Joy to show chain and outside zipper pocket details as well as the edgy push button closure that covers the view on the zippers of the large inside compartments

How I Styled the Bag

These features make their bags a go-to for women at any age. Their classic-with-a-twist look elevates an outfit to turning heads. In this post, I styled the bag American Classic style à la Jackie Kennedy. Wearing the bag with a floral dress, a fit-and-flare dress, or a floral skirt and blazer for work are other great options. This Olivia + Joy bag will even work with jeans and a T-shirt for going to the beach or walking the dog.


#styleover40 shoulder tote styled for the weekend
Sylvia spring tote c/o Olivia + Joy worn with own Anne Klein sweater, BCBG capris, Vigotti shoes, Jones New York cardigan, and pearl necklace. The bag feels comfortable on the shoulder due to the wide band

Review of Olivia + Joy Vegan Summer Bag in a Nutshell

This bag has an awesome price-performance ratio. Its style and size make the bag versatile for work and play.

Currently, Olivia + Joy have a sale with 20% Off on all new spring styles with promo code NEWOJ10, plus free domestic shipping on all orders! Without this promo their bags are already a great deal for everyone, but with this promo they are a steal. I better keep my eyes open. It looks like Celestina, the cat, is even interested in this bag! 😉


Olivia + Joy faux straw pleather bag details
Back view of faux straw and faux leather bag c/o Olivia + Joy with Olivia + Joy logo plate


P.S.: They are very consistent with their great quality pleather bag. I reviewed two other bags from them that were both exceeding my expectations. You can find my review of Olivia + Joy’s Fall collection at the link.

Photos: G. Kramm, N. Mölders

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