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Burgundy drama garment with assymetric hem c/o SYMPLI with own L.K. Bennett red and burgundy pumps

A review of the SYMPLI Drama Dress with respect to style, quality, and price and a description of the SYMPLI collection. Read my thoughts about the dress and learn where you can find pieces from SYMPLI.

  1. SYMPLI clothing embraces the diversity of women of all age and size
  2. SYMPLI has great layering pieces
  3. Classic pieces with a twist permit work appropriate style statements
  4. Why I picked the drama dress – double dipping
  5. Cuts designed to show off your favorite assets
  6. SYMPLI’s collection is available at stores and many online retailers
  7. Review of a SYMPLI Drama Dress in a Nutshell


Disclosure: Ad. The drama dress is a sample of my choice from SYMPLI. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely on my own and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


SYMPLI clothing embraces the diversity of women of all age and size

Today I want to introduce you to SYMPLI that may be new on your radar as they were on mine. However, they are celebrating more than a decade in business in both Canada and the US. This clothing company offers beautifully cut garments designed and produced in Canada, and actually made by women for all women. Their collection covers the entire size range from extra small to plus size. Their mission is to embrace the diversity of women’s body shape with conscious designs and thoughtful fits. And in my opinion, they really succeed doing so.


fashion blogger looking posh in a Sympli drama dress
Front view of the dress styled with top underneath


stylist twirling in a dress with train
Outfit details: Drama dress c/o SYMPLI styled with own statement necklace, and L.K. Bennett open toe pumps. Twirling to demonstrate the movement of the train along the spine



SYMPLI has great layering pieces

When you browse their collection you will find beautiful tops, and dresses with great draping and wrapping. These pieces permit every woman to “hide” what they want to hide and highlight their favorite assets and features. All pieces are great classic items with a twist, which makes them ageless, and also perfect for the office. What I love about their top collection as an Alaskan are the seemingly endless possibilities for chic layering and combination possibilities.

You may like to know that they even have a cool blog with outfit inspirations.


mature style blogger twirling in a dramatic dress
Twirling view from the other side to show the great movement of the fabric


Classic pieces with a twist permit work appropriate style statements

Their dress collection is classic with a twist. The twists encompass elements from drama, whimsical, romantic to casual and even Bohemian Styles. When you are not sure what you style is, check my free online style finder. Thus, every woman can find a classic piece with a twist in her style to express her own individual style in a professional way, even at the office!

They offer pieces in various colors. Thus, you will be able to find pieces of your color palette. I am a deep winter, dark bold colors enhancing the drama of my light skin and dark eyes and hair are my thing.


Why I picked the drama dress – double dipping

I picked this eggplant drama dress from their collection as I can

  • wear is for special occasions at the university like Chinese New Year,
  • style it for the office with classic dress pumps, a pearl necklace and diamond studs, and
  • wear it for going out for dancing on date night with my hubby.

For the photos of this post, I styled the dress with red accents for a night of Argentine Tango dancing. I really love this piece. Expect further outfit inspiration on the blog soon. <3


fashion influencer in drape dress
Side view to show drape and hugging of the fabric when standing calm in the drama dress c/o Sympli



Cuts designed to show off your favorite assets

The dress is a US size S and true to the measurements and fit in their size chart. It hugs my body in the right places – breast, and boom, and perfectly shows off my favorite feature, my legs. The 3/4 sleeves show off my underarms, another favorite feature of mine.

The fabric is super soft and flattering. The dress has a laser cut hem which permits the nice flow and beautiful draping. I love the movement of the dress that occurs with every step. Perfect to hide a tummy, or love handles in an effective way.  😉


fashion blogger over 50 in a dramatic garment in aubergine
View of the back of the drama dress c/o Sympli to show the beautiful flow of the fabric, the train along the spin and the drape at the side



SYMPLI pieces are a great investment in your wardrobe

Prices range from $90 to $350 depending on the individual pieces. Seeing the high quality of my dress, the $210 to $230 (depending on retailer and their shipping costs) are an excellent investment for this drama dress. Since I can wear it at work and for going out, the price per wear will go down fast. The high quality means a long lifetime of the item. Thus, this SYMPLI drama dress will get below $1 per wear over its tenure in my wardrobe. Thumbs up! (Y) I definitively would buy it for my money.


over 50 years old woman in dramatic style dress
Showing off the cut of the drape in the back



SYMPLI’s collection is available at stores and many online retailers

What I also like about SYMPLI is that you can buy their garments at about 900 stores as well as at many online retailers. Many women want to try a dress on and see it from every side on their body prior to buying it. Thus, they can visit a store that offers their collection. Their store locator helps you to find one in your vicinity.

Those of you, who live somewhere in the middle of nowhere with no such stores in their vicinity (like me), don’t have to renounce the pleasure to buy and wear SYMPLI pieces. When you belong to this group, you can find their awesome collection at many online retailers. Just google “SYMPLI”, your favorite online retailer may be one of them. 😉


Review of a SYMPLI Drama Dress in a Nutshell

This SYMPLI Drama Dress has a nice unique design, great fit, and an affordable price. It is well-made with love to details. Have a look at SYMPLI’s women collection yourself to find your favorite piece and see yourself that they really succeed in their mission to have pieces for every woman.

P.S. Another thing I like about this brand: The founder, Jan Stimpson, and the company support the Looking Glass Foundation. This charity helps women, who struggle with anorexia, bulimia and eating disorders. <3


Photos: G. Kramm

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