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Featured photo of Covered Perfectly layering piece review

My pick of Covered Perfectly’s winter collection

When you are following my blog already for a while, you know that I am a big fan of Covered Perfectly. This brand designs tops and dresses for the body of women in midlife in mind. Thus, when Pauline, who is the founder of the company, asked me to review one piece of their collection, I happily accepted. Since animal prints are a hot trend right now, I picked their zebra top.

#Fashionover50 style blogger Nicole working out at the gym in a zebra top
Zebra top c/o Covered Perfectly. See the strategically placed vertical line in the print. It’s great for a slimming effect and illusion of height as it leads the eye up.

Zebra is a fool proof trend

A zebra print is a great choice for all women who are trying the animal print trends for the first time. Since zebra is black and white, it is easy to style in a classic way. Recall that black and white are an eternal classic. Since zebras are vegan, they don’t have the sultry/dangerous association of a carnivore. In other words, it’s even easy to style office appropriate. Another advantage of a zebra print is more unexpected and unique. Thus, it is very unlikely that you and your colleague will wear the same print at the office on the same day. 😉

#CoveredPerfectly Nicole styled for the gym in long shirt and leggings
Back view of the shirt to illustrate how it covers the bum and that the vertical “line” pointed out in the prvious photo is not by accident, but part of the design

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Great quality pieces for layering

I am always impressed when I open the package about the high quality of the Covered Perfectly clothes. This great quality has stayed constant over time. This means the new piece always has the same high quality fabric and craftmanship than the first piece I ever wore from their collections. The modal fabric is super soft and perfect for both layering or wearing it alone. Thus, every of their pieces is a great addition to your wardrobe.

#advancedstyle mature woman with animal print tee and leather skirt
3/4 sleeve zebra print v-neck Tee c/o Covered perfectly with own Sienna Studio leather skirt, dagwood flower bead necklace, Hermes collier de chien bangle, GNW tight, and Harley Davidson booties

#midlifestyle mature woman in black and white outfit with leather skirt and animal print sweater
Back view of the black and white outfit to show that the long hem doesn’t cause any bulk as the fabric is thin enough for stylish layering

#trendsover50 Nicole in leather suit and animal print blush, black and white
Layering with the V-neck sweater c/o Covered Perfectly with own Sienna Studio black pencil skirt, statement necklace, and Hinge quilted blush jacket

Great price-performance ratio

The price is well-justified for this stylish top. It can be worn year round. Wear it with a white or black skirt in summer at the office to stay comfortable in the cool air of the AC. Outside just roll the sleeves up to the elbow. In fall and spring a thin cardigan and black or tan pants are a great option. In winter, the top looks great under a sweater and wool blazer. At the gym it ilooks great with leegings. On the weekend, the item is great with your favorite pair of jeans. Given the top’s versatility, high quality and the fact that black-and-white is an eternal classic, it will be easy to get the cost-per-wear under a dollar over its tenure in your closet. Thus, I give it a thumbs up.

#midlifefashion fashion blogger in layered black, green, tan, white office outfit
Layering of the V-neck T-shirt c/o Covered Perfectly under own long Isaac Mizahri cardigan styled with Esprit silk neckerchief, Kieselstein Cord belt, Gucci Dionyseus buckle, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Banana Republic hounds tooth straight skirt (all own) and Lizzy James leather bracelet

Who will love this product

It’s a perfect wardrobe addition for every woman who wants a classic, but trendy piece. It’s a must-have for all women who want to jump the bandwagon of the animal print while camouflaging body flaws like lovehandles, thickening waist, a diet-resistant belly, you name it. I would recommend this Covered Perfectly Tee to my best friend without any reservations.

#agelessstyle Nicole in floral, zebra, hounds tooth mixed pattern trend
Other view of the office look

In a nutshell

This animal print T-shirt is an affordable classic, but trendy, high quality wardrobe addition for mature women. It well camouflages all kind of mesopause related body changes and is easy to style for all kind of dressing situations including stylish layering. Browse their collection now to find your perfect wardrobe addition.

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Other photos: N. Mölders
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    I love animal print and really like the zebra as it is more unexpected than its fellow leopard or snakeskin. Love all the different ways you styled it too.

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    That a very nice top! I also love how you styled it with the checked skirt and a cardigan with belt! I wore a skirt and cardigan just like that yesterday at a dinner party, wished I wore a belt over the cardigan!

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    Outstanding outfit, Nicole!! I love your happy smiling face and the intelligent discussion of this print re the carnivore thing – you’re hilarious!! Also how good are those pics with your hair up? Thank you for sharing dear Nicole, it’s always to read your articles!! Donna 🧚🏻‍♀️❤️🙏

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