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Sylvia’s 40+ Style e-book review

Sylvia van de Logt the founder and editor-in-chief of 40+ Style asked me to review her newest e-book entitled 10 Steps to Refining Your Style. When you loved her first e-book 10 Steps to a More Stylish You you will love this one too.

Sylvia’s new e-book covers the material and assignments of her recent New Year Style Challenge in which I participated. Even though I am a style blogger myself, I found her New Year Style Challenge inspiring and challenging as it definitively made me (again) aware that even small details matter. Most importantly, it made me rethink about what I “throw” together, and why, and why it works.

As you can imagine the ten steps are related to ten assignments, and cover everything from finding the right cuts/tailoring for your body shape, and the right colors for your skin type and hair color, over makeup, to accessories. The e-book leads the reader step by step to a higher level of style. Each step is twofold – think of it like theory and practice. Each step consists of an explanation of general rules and/or tricks regarding a style aspect, and why it is important to pay attention to this aspect of style. It gives the fool proofed basics to build your signature style upon. The assignment requires to think about what you learned, what you want and how you handle this aspect of your style. To focus your thinking and style refinement you are to answer questions on the style aspect that was discussed, for instance, proportions. The second part of each step is to put the learned material to work by styling an outfit that applies the material discussed, and pin it. Thus, the improvement and learning with this e-book is at your own pace.

For those who need sort of a deadline hovering over them, “classmates” to get competitive, or other outside motivation to go through the steps, Sylvia also offers a course that covers the material.

What to expect

Sylvia provides a lot of different examples to each of the ten steps and enhances them with answers of participants of the New Year Style Challenge (I am proud that one of mine is in the e-book), and links to example pin boards as well as software to obtain a style profile or create outfits. Putting together outfits on polyvore, for instance, is a great exercise to create a suitable wardrobe for vacation or a business trip or to build a new wardrobe after a major weight loss.

What I like most about Sylvia’s e-book is that she encourages her readers to invest in themselves. Sylvia has a great talent to teach creative thinking. After working through her e-book, the reader has not only a refined style sense, but also knows themselves better. You will learn to see and love what you have got, and to play it up to shine. Then playing down the not so favorite parts becomes an automatic. When having fully absorbed the material presented in the e-book or course, buying something totally wrong is history. You will know what works and does not work for you. And you will be fond to stick to just that because you know it is for your best style. Most importantly, you will learn how to do this without becoming someone who wears a style uniform.

Even for stylish women the e-book is helpful

Even if you have got style, I would highly recommend to read and use Sylvia’s e-book when you have a major life event that requires adjustments and/or refinements to how you dress and/or your style. All her assignments will help you refine your style for the new situation whether it is joining the work force or going back to school after years of being a stay-at-home mom/dad, a new job, a promotion, moving into a different part of the world or entering retirement. This e-book will prevent you from getting admission to the crowd of uniformed old overlooked (wo)men. But who wants to join that club anyway?

The take home message of Sylvia’s e-book:

No matter what you do, you can do it in style, and that is the least you owe to yourself.

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