Red, white and blue

In Alaska, we have the white nights. The sky is blue and when there are a lot of wildfires the sun is red. For Fairbanks the white nights mean that there is no darkness between mid May and mid August. Thus, there are no fireworks on Independence Day. However, this fact does not mean that people do not celebrate and show their patriotic red, white and blue and have a classic American BBQ.

I am wearing a red long dress with tiny white and blue floral print, the good old American jeans jacket, and a oblong white silk scarf. As it was sort of windy (for Fairbanks conditions) I pinned the scarf invisibly to the jeans jacket so it does not fly away.

The sky looked kind of dramatic in the dark gray. It rained later a bit which was very needed to reduce the fire danger for a day or two.

#over40 patriotic outfit | High Latitude Style |
red slip dress with white and blue flowers, white scarf, Chanel belt, Star denim jacket (all own)

Photo: G. Kramm (2013)

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