Red, white and blue in the fog

#over40 Worky look in red-white-and-blue | High Latitude Style |
Jones New York striped cardigan over silk knit top with white leather skirt, studded pointy-toe flats, and Celine tote (all own)

Fall sends out its first signs. The mornings are now often foggy like in this picture. Fog consists of airborne droplets or ice crystals close to the ground. In principle, it is a cloud that hits the ground and has no high vertical extension. However, it is officially not recognized as such. I always found this fact funny. When you are at the bottom of a hill you may see a cloud. Once you drive up the hill you are suddenly in the cloud, but then it is called fog. Have fun trying to explain that to a kid.

Anyhow, I tried to brighten up the foggy morning with my white leather pencil skirt, a red knitted silk top and bag and a blue and white striped cardigan. This outfit still looks summery, and allows to take the cardigan off in the afternoon when it warms up. In addition, as a whole ensemble it protects me well in the foggy morning temperatures that are now in the 50s (10C). As there is dew on the grass I wear closed cage flats. As these shoes have studs they add some edge to the otherwise classic outfit.

The 50F remind me of my childhood as it was a threshold value for my mother. When temperatures were below 50F I had to wear tights, otherwise I had to wear socks. It never occurred to her that I could have what I wanted to wear in my schoolbag.

#over40 red, white and blue work outfit | High Latitude Style |
Side view of red-white-and-blue work outfit

Photos: G. Kramm (2013)

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