Preparing the yard to plant cabbage

I hope you all had a great weekend. I started digging in the yard as we plan to plant some vegetables and potatoes. It is still too early to put the potatoes into the ground. The soil is still frozen in about a foot (33 cm) depth. Thus, I will wait a couple of days. At night, temperatures still are below freezing. Well, sometimes night frost even occurs in early June here in the Interior. Ever wondered what Alaskans grow in their yards? This time, my plan is to plant red and white cabbage, lettuces, broccoli, and celery.

Of course, I didn’t do the gardening in my red suede skirt. But being a fashion blogger and doing gardening work for me. I love both activities.

midlife woman in work outfit with suede skirt and floral top
Notations floral print cardigan, G-III red suede leather skirt, Hermes collier de chien belt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, and black Steve Madden pumps (all own)

How do Alaskans grow the biggest cabbages on Earth?

Well, we actually have no nights in for nearly 3 months. Everything grows around the clock. This fact also means mowing the lawn twice a week. Thus, everyone talks about getting their “life back” when the first flurries fly. Sort of sad or crazy, isn’t it?

#styleover40 woman with red skirt and floral top
Outfit with Notations floral print cardigan, G-III suede leather skirt, Hermes collier de chien belt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, and black Steve Madden pumps (all own), but from different angle to show details

Red floral look for a good mood

After this strong workout plus dancing the night away with my hubby on Saturday, I am in a great mood and picked a very bright outfit. I paired an abstract floral print cardigan that I bought at Fred Meyers earlier this year with my suede leather skirt for a dominantly red look. Yes, again I wear a cardigan as a blouse. I added my collier de chien belt to give this classic look a little street style edge.

Does your mood affect how you dress? Do you wear cardigans as tops or just as a layer over another top? Let me know, send me an email. I like to heard from you.

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P.S. I was interviewed by MicroGalactic a young blogger from Malaysia. She has a very interesting blog about all sorts of things in life. Check her blog out.

Photos: G. Kramm

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