See how to style a mature office winter look

#fashionover40 mature woman in white leather pants winter look

A red neck cashmere sweater is posh winter business attire

This outfit is the look I wore at the office. Why is this not too cold on a day with -15F (-26.1oC)? The secret is that I wore pantyhose, and leggings under my lined white leather pants. You have seen these white leather pants styled in a nautical look on the blog in fall. Under the red turtleneck cashmere sweater, I had my usual underwear plus a long sleeve silk T-shirt.

At the office, I changed my Hunter rubber boots – shown in the outerwear photo of this post – to the Mary Janes – shown in the office outfit photo below – and took the thick wool sock off that I wore in my rubber boots. Thus, the nude pantyhose got exposed to give the illusion a “flash” of skin. I wore these white Mary Janes with the white pants to elongate the legs. The pearl necklace adds some posh chic.

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style over 40 Winter office outfit for mature women
Classic American office look with Anne Klein red turtle neck cashmere cable-knit sweater, Kieselstein Cord belt, Hermes H buckle, pearls, and Apostrophe Mary Janes (all own)

Prepare your outerwear for insulation from the cold environment

The wool socks in the rubber boots are a must. Rubber conducts easily. It does not even help that these rubber boots have some sort of plateau sole. Without wool socks, the feet will transfer body heat to the sidewalk or dirt. Of course, that heat is not enough to thaw permafrost 😉 , but you will get cold feet fast. Cold feet are not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous. Thus, it is important to keep your feet insulated to not get hypothermia. I wore the rubber boots with a sheep skin insole for extra insulation. The reason why I wore rubber boots despite their bad insulation properties was that we had new snow. These boots are high enough so the snow would not enter the boots when I step out of the car in a parking lot that has not yet been plowed.

over 50 years old fashion blogger in business casual winter outerwear attire
Jacket with matching hat over white leather pants with Modalo Pippa bag, leather gloves (similar leather gloves here), Hunter rubber boots, leather gloves (all own)

To stay well insulated when outside I also wore a furry jacket and hat. I wanted my outerwear outfit to be in a de-saturated palette with a pop of color. The red neck of the sweater shows in this collarless jacket and provides a color accent. To obtain a neutral color look, I kept it to white and gray shades, and added my Pippa bag and taupe gloves (similar leather gloves here). The Pippa bag has three large compartments. Hence, it is easy to schlep the shoes to work without having to carry a plastic or second bag. The other two compartments have space my usual office carry back and forth and personal items like cell phone, make-up, hand lotion, water, etc..

How do you stay warm and stylish in the mid of winter? Do you change into dress shoes at the office or do you wear your boots 9 to 5? Let me know. I am curious.

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