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Lunar eclipse showing the moon being partly covered by the Earth (red area)

Recently, we could observe a lunar eclipse here in Alaska. During such an event, the Earth is passing between the Sun and the Moon. Consequently, the Moon is no longer fully illuminated by the Sun as the Earth’s shadow (called umbra from Latin meaning shadow) is falling onto the Moon. This astronomical event only occurs at full moon when concurrently the the Moon is close to a lunar node. Under these conditions, the Moon, Earth and Sun are aligned straightly. During lunar eclipses, one sees the shadow of the Earth moving on the Moon (see above photo), In full shadow, the Moon appears to be red. When a moon is in the shadow of a planet, scientists call it an immersion.

Here I am wearing my red silk knit top with my black leather joggers for a comfortable look at the office on a day without meetings. I pulled the look up a notch by adding a printed silk scarf and snake print slingback pointy toe pumps. The scarf picks up the red from the top and the purple shades of my mirrored Ray Ban sunglasses that I bought last summer. For the commute to work I took my greige linen blazer which picks up the color of my shoes. My large structured black bag contributes to a sophisticated look when walking through the parking lot into my office.

#over40 work outfit | High Latitude Style |
Joggers with silk top, blazer, floral scarf, Ray Ban mirrored sunglasses, structured bag, and slingbacks for work (all own)
#over40 work outfit | High Latitude Style |
Leather joggers with silk knit top, floral print scarf, Ray Ban mirrored sunglasses,Hermes bangles, and structured bag (all own)

Photos: G. Kramm

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