Guess what readers loved the most in February

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Recap readers’ favorite posts of February

The year is now 60 days old! Can you believe that February is also already over? O.k., February is a short month and this year it was only 28 days. Let’s catch up on what reader’s loved the most in February.

Is cold weather still your style challenge?

At the end of winter, it seems like everyone feels the style winter boredom. You are wearing the same coat over and over again since fall. You searched the January sales, but you didn’t find anything left that seemed worth your money? You are so sick of the painful cold and feel like being caught up in a style rut? If these challenges sound familiar and you missed my post How to maintain great style in painful cold, you may find some solutions for the problem. This post was the one my readers’ most read post in February.

#fashionover40 midlife woman in fake suit with Adidas jogging pants and blazer
Eli Tahari glen check blazer, Brooks Brothers turtleneck sweater, Adidas jogging pants, Harley Davidson booties, Alaskan rose-quartz ring, three strands necklace, baroque pearl necklace (all own), and Akoya salt water pearl necklace c/o The Pearl Source Inc.

You can learn to look effortlessly chic at any age

Second up were 41 secrets to look effortlessly chic. Effortless looks are very challenging, but you can get there with the right tools. It’s important to not overdo it. That would look the contrary, namely like trying too hard. Trying too hard in looking effortlessly stylish is nearly as bad as not trying at all. Remember:

Effortlessly chic is a balance act. #quote #agelessstyle Click To Tweet

A big part of effortless style is to know what to wear when. My style recipe book How to dress for success in midlife addresses this challenge. You can buy it at the link.

Women in midlife love fashion trends too

It’s a shame that so many magazines, articles in newspapers, even many people in the public have the perception that midlife women are too old for trends, shouldn’t wear them, bla bla bla, …. Replace the blas with the perception that the last time blew your hat off. On the contrary, women in midlife can wear trends as well as young women can. Maybe even better. We have seen trends coming and going. When we weren’t too busy with other things when that trend was around, we remember the trends that looked plain ridiculous once the season was over. We may even recall which trend was just a summer love.

Identify trends to skip or trends worth only a couple of dollars

Of course, both of these trends are the ones you don’t want to spend big money on. Probably it’s best to skip the first. Only spend a few dollar’s on the second, and only, if you fall in love for a summer again.

Some trends are Must-haves for a modern midlife woman
Of course distinguishing between great trends to up your wardrobe for a modern,fresh,young and hip look is a challenge many women face in midlife. Mostly, because they were so busy juggling a career, raising kids, nurturing a family, managing a household and keeping the yard and house up that there was not much room to pay attention to fashion, style and trends. When you are one of those or when you missed February’s most liked post, you can check out the latest trends of the upcoming season at the link.

#midlifestyle mature woman in gym pants and turtleneck sweater

Brooks Brothers turtleneck sweater, Adidas gym pants, Harley Davidson booties, baroque pearl necklace, three string pearl necklace (all own), and Akoya pearl necklace c/o The Pearl Source Inc.

Focus Alaska: Lifestyle & street chic

As a regular reader you may have noticed that the Focus Alaska series was renamed to Alaska Life at the beginning of 2018. The two posts of this series showed examples of an unique dress code called Fairbanks Formal in two different social setting/event. Curious? When you missed these posts, here are the links for your convenience. See how Alaska’s extremes disrespect social life and See what happens when tradition meets an unbelievable dress code.

#fashionover50 over 50 year old model in a black dress
Me modeling the black dress with own Salavdore Ferragamo snake pumps, jade earrings and jade bangle, and best girl friends bracelet c/o Chicos
#Fashionover50 Alaskan woman at a social dance at the Pioneer Park Dance Hall
Mother of the bride dress c/o JJ House worn as a dance dress at the Lathrop High School Ballroom Dance team Valentine dance party and performance. I wore own nude fishnet tight and Very Fine Dance Shoes sandals

Top of the World Style Linkup party

Thank you all for your emails, tweets and comments on facebook asking for The Top of the World Style Linkup. I felt overwhelmed by your lovely feedback and requests to resume the party. Here the good news:

The Top of the World Style linkup party will be back in mid March. #linkup Click To Tweet

If you want a weekly linkup party reminder with the direct link, you can subscribe to this Top of the World Style invitation list.

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Your input wanted

Please let me know what your biggest style challenges are so I can help you on your journey to look your best.
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