Random things I enjoy doing
Sanchez riding boots, GNW tights, Eddie Bauer skirt,Jäger janker and Hermes collier de chien bangle (all own)

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Random things you didn’t know about me

When you area regular reader of the blog, you know that I’m an avid ballroom dancer and that I enjoy gardening and growing vegetables our yard in Alaska. In this post, I share a list of other things I enjoy doing.

  • Making clothes and fashion jewelry.
  • Painting pictures.
  • I love to solve jig jag puzzles.
  • Reading books about fashion history, fashion moguls tells the life of Aldo Gucci, and style tribes.
  • Browsing malls and trying on clothes without the intend to buy something.Yes,I’m my own living Barbie doll.

    over 50 years old blogger in casual winter style with gray skirt, black boots, tights, jacket and huntergreen sweater with cat
    Sanchez riding boots, GNW tights, Eddie Bauer tweed skirt, hunter green cashmere sweater, Jäger knit jacket with hunter green trim, statement necklace and Hermes collier de chien bangle (all own)
  • Browsing an online store and filling my chart, but never checking out. The downside of it is that after the fact google, facebook, WordAds etc. push ads of the pieces towards you. But they would push ads anyhow. So what?
  • Changing clothing to make them more me like shortening a high-low hem.
  • Refashion pieces to create something new like, for instance, upcycling an old pair of boots.
  • Programming codes and making graphics.cat lover mature woman petting her cat
  • Modeling.
  • Reading Walt Disney’s Donald Duck comics in French or German.
  • Creating outfits and dressing up.
  • Watching Bond movies.
  • Splitting rocks to search for imprints or fossils.
  • Walking along the beach on a windy gray day.
  • Playing with my cat.

    lifestyle blogger Nicole cuddling her cat
    Cuddling Celestina
  • Watching bees collecting pollen.
  • Editing text. Did you know I wrote a science research book, co-authored a meteorology text book, and wrote a style book on How to Dress for Success in Midlife and an adult coloring pages book for fashion lovers? You can buy the style bookon Amazon.
  • Living in Alaska despite I’m not an outdoor person. I love the white nights and watching the aurora despite the dark days, white nights confuse you big time.
  • … and finally, blogging.
mature styleblogger in tweed skirt, boots, and faux twinset
Sanchez riding boots, GNW tights, Eddie Bauer tweed skirt, hunter green cashmere sweater, Jäger knit jacket with hunter green trim (all own)

When you are interested in my secret tips how to wear a tweed skirt or even a full-on guide on a clothing item like this ultimate guide on how to look modern in tweed check the posts at the links. Or are you looking for more great ways to wear tall boots? What do you enjoy doing? Just curious.

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  1. No Fear of Fashion

    So do I haha. I come home and yell when entering: “I have singlehandedly kept the economy afloat”

  2. Nicole Mölders

    Yes, a lot in common. I also buy too often, but I call it “supporting the economy.” LOL

  3. No Fear of Fashion

    You have so many hobbies! I envy you. I share some of them (apart from blogging). Like cats, modelling (however I don’t get a lot of modelling jobs) and Donald Duck. I love the DD.
    I also love browsing through shops, online and offline. The difference with you is, that I usually have to go via the cash register as I buy a lot. Lately I am better.

  4. Anne M Bray

    Your cat is a beauty! xxox

  5. Nancy

    You have abroad interrest! I love splitting stones too, always do that on the beach in the UK!

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