Rainiest summer since 1906 makes for rare OOTD

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Layered black summer dress with floral print scarf, golden sandals and DIY necklace

Today I present you are rare outfit of this summer. Rare because this year the summer was no real summer in the Interior. Well, of course technically speaking, it was summer as June, July and August are defined as summer on the Northern Hemisphere, but I associate summer with sunshine, sitting outside on a deck at the river, blue skies and flat convective clouds (cumulus humilis), and temperatures in the lower 80s (~27C). Ok, naturally these days are rare in the Interior too.

An 11 hour rain made June the wettest on record. Within two weeks fell 1/4 of the annual precipitation of around 10.83 inches (275.3mm). The June rain of 3.56 inches (90.4mm) total also broke the record dating back to 1949. The 5.78 inches (96.0mm) of rain in July placed July to be the second-wettest since onset of record. Last Friday a shower pushed Fairbanks to exceed its 1906 record overall summer precipitation total of 11.59 inches (294.4mm) of rain to 11.62 inch (295.1mm). For a West European or someone in the Tropics, the Pacific Northwest or on the Alaska Panhandle, this does not sound much. But given that the average annual precipitation in the Fairbanks area, and that there are still four months left until the end of the year, and that we also had snow in January and February and spring this year, this new record is amazing and notable. It also shows how variable precipitation can be. May be I should not complain as last year was very warm (here).

I only wore this black layered dress once this summer. I paired it with my golden thongs and a white floral scarf that I pinned onto the dress so the wind would not blow it away. Since this dress’ cut is very classic having it worn just once this year is not a big loss as it won’t go out of style. Buying classic summer dresses is excellent advice in any cold climate. Tweet this. There is always next year.

#HighLatitudeStyle #LBD #layereddress #summerdress #vacationstyle http://www.highlatitudestyle.com
Side view of the layered summer dress showing the layers and slit. The scraf was pinned to the dress in such a way that it frames the back cleavage

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Photos: G. Kramm (2014)