Shopping trip to a great mall by train

One summer, my grandpa Oskar invited me to visit him to go shopping for my fall wardrobe. I was really excited about the invitation. When my bus arrived at the bus stop that was across the railroad station, my grandpa was already waiting there. It struck me quite unusual. He had never picked me up at the bus stop before. After he had greeted me he said that we would go by train to Essen, another town of the Rhein-Ruhr metropolitan area that had a much longer mall than the town where he lived. Until today, I cannot tell whether I was more excited about the words “by train” or “greater mall.”

fashionblogger in full leather skirt
Oliveo pleated leather skirt with Brooks Brothers silk cashmere sweater to stay warm on a cool summer day with temperatures in the lower 60s (around 16C). The studded heels and leather add some edge to the otherwise “girly” vibe of a pleated skirt with knit sweater outfit

Pre-shop to see what’s out there

We did some pre-shopping, ate something, and I decided that I wanted the pair of salmon colored pleated waist leather pants we had seen. My love for dressy leather pants, leather casual pants, and leather dress pants started already as a teenager.

Have at least three outfits in mind

He asked “What would you wear with these?” “My black turtleneck, the white blouse, the green striped sweater may work, and the blue one for sure.” “O.K., that sounds good enough. Let’s see whether we can find a matching vest for some extra warmth with the white blouse.” Later at the railroad station, he saw some plastic bangles and matching necklaces that he bought to “complete” the look.

Treat your wardrobe as a collection

In retrospective, it is kind of interesting that he asked this question whenever he went shopping with me. Why? I only remember him wearing a dark gray suit, white shirt and red tie with a long wool coat, gray scarf, and hat, and black lace-up shoes in winter, and the same outfit, but in light gray with a light khaki coat or without coat and black closed toe sandals in summer.

Do you think already in the store about what goes with a new item? Who taught you to reflect about whether a new piece of clothes fits with what you have in your closet? What are your shopping challenges? Let me know, I am curious how I can help you and add more on what you want to read more about.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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