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Zoom-in on Karina Ruby dress bright water color print

This post gives you tips for more than one great look with one and the same dress.

  1. A well fitting dress is instant style
  2. Casual summer outfit with a dress
  3. Dress styled with cardigan as a summer work outfit
  4. Other ideas to wear a summer dress

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A well fitting dress is instant style

The easiest way to look instantly stylish is throwing on a dress, add a pair of pumps, earrings, a bangle and necklace, makeup, and finish with a bag. Done. You are ready to go. Of course, there is more to a beautiful dress. It can make you look great in different ways.

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Casual summer outfit with a dress

fashion blogger in print dress

stylist in posh dress with cami

mature style blogger in abstract print babydoll dress
Karina dress, BP ankle strap espadrilles, statement necklace and bracelet, Ray Ban mirrored aviator sunglasses, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Jockey camisole, and Coach bag (all own)


Nevertheless, my mom didn’t like dresses. She used to say that on can wear a dress only the same way. I think this depends on the dress. For an evening gown, cocktail dress, wedding dress, the statement may be true. But I believe that this statement is not for an everyday dress.

First, there is nothing wrong wearing the same dress with different pairs of shoes, and bags. Furthermore, one can wear a dress as a shirt, and one can wear a dress as a skirt.

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Dress styled with cardigan as a summer work outfit

mature woman in print dress and Adidas jacket
Karina dress, Adidas jacket, DIY necklace, Coach bag, and DIY necklace (all own), and Musse&Cloud wood sandals c/o Coolway


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Other ideas to wear a summer dress

This dress, for instance, can be worn with a white denim jacket, a denim jacket, a cardigan in any of the colors of the print. For this post, I styled the dress up with open-toe pumps and a cardigan, and down with wood sandals and an athleisure jacket, and once just as a summer dress. Note you can apply the same tricks also to wear a sheath in multiple ways or try to create with one dress two looks by using similar items but in different colors. See these inspirations how to wear a fav sheath differently.

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midlife blogger in dress with cardigan
Karina dress, GNW cardigan, Liz Clairborne pumps, Coach bag, and Winkwood sunglasses (all own)


When you like any of the looks please pin them to your Pinterest boards so your friends and family can see them too.

Do you think that the looks look all the same? Which one do you like best? How do you wear your dresses? Do you wear them always the same way or do you try to create different looks with them?

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