You can look awesome in the patched clothes trend
Banana Republic silk floral coat, London Jeans boyfriends, Prada bag, DvF sunglasses, Dior scarf, Kieselstein Cord buckle, Prada bag, and Shein button-down

The roots of patches are in the military

Patched clothes are It this season. They are adopted from the military – think name tag, rank indication, Nationality, unit, etc. Also many businesses use patches for their employees names, as encouragement to ask, special skills, their corporate identity, and even for display of awards of their employees. Think of the patch “I can help you” or “employee of the month”, “I speak Korean”, etc.

So why should you wear something with patches when you don’t need to?
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#styleover40 woman in chic floral coat
Back view of Alaska spring outfit with Banana Republic floral coat, London Jean BF, GNW socks, and Prada bag (all own)

How not to wear patches

Of course, for us women over 40, patches also remind us of the jeans that our moms fixed by sewing on patches on the ripped holes. They also remind us of our favorite bands. The tongue patch of the Rolling Stones – remember that?

#fashionover50 mature #streetstyle woman in patched shirt and coat
Front view of spring look with Banana Republic coat, Shein button-down patched shirt, Dior scarf, London Jean boyfriend jeans, Kieselstein Cord buckle, Prada bag, GNW polka dot socks, horse-bite fur mules, and DvF sunnies (all own)

Patched clothes that work over 40

Since patches are worn in professional environments, this patch trend can be worn in midlife without looking like re-living the past. In other words, skip the tongue and go with new fantasy patches that look grown-up. This means skip the Kitty patch or whatever patches anyone under 14 adores.

#fashionover50 midlife woman looking posh in a shirt with patches and jeans
Shein patch embellished button-down shirt, Dior neckerchief scarf, London Jean BF, Kieselstein Cord buckle, GNW polka dot socks, and horse-bite fur mules (all own)

Also look for pieces that have a classic cut like this button-down shirt, which is the newest addition to my spring wardrobe.

Go with a classic cut when you take the bandwagon on the patch trend for an ageless modern look. Click To Tweet
#styleover50 woman looking stylish with a split hem shirt
Side view of casual look with Dior neckerchief, London Jean BF jeans, horse-bite mules, GNW polka dot socks, and Shein blouse (all own) to show the split hem styled tucked-in in the front, but left outside in the back

Example how to wear a patch shirt

Add other classic pieces like a fitted coat or blazer, a pencil skirt or boyfriend jeans.

#fashionover50 woman in posh silk coat and denim
Banana Republic coat, Shein patched shirt, Dior scarf, London Jeans BF, Kieselstein Cord buckle, horse-bite mules, and DvF sunnies (all own)

Do you like the patched-everything trend? Have you already jumped the bandwagon? If so, how do you wear your iron-ons? On your top, jacket, parka, skirt or pants? Let me know your challenges with trends so I can help you to rock it.

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