Use fall’s pastel trend to recycle your spring clothes

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Black silk cashmere sweater with black laceup fall booties, statement belt (own) and layered mesh skirt c/o Lookbook Store

Pastels are hot this fall. On first thought, pastels seem out of the window for fall. However, on second thought when one thinks about being in a cottage up in the mountains viewing a sunrise over a foggy valley, it is clear where the designers came from. Well, there is a big advantage of this pastel trend for fall: You can recycle your spring pastels! 😉

In this post, I show you an example how to do it.Basically just have that view from the cottage over the fog in mind when you choose the additional colors.  I paired my pastel layered mesh skirt (the fog with the reflected sun light on it) with a black silk cashmere knit sweater (black spruce trees or trees against the sun light) and a winter white motorcycle jacket (sun light on the fog) and fall sandals or call them cut-out booties if you like. The black shoes and top and the winter white jacket (photo below) take the outfit to the cold season and make the skirt the statement piece. Because of the big belt I only went for earring, but large ones. They fit to fall as they are big leaves.

To not freeze to hypothermia, I wore a half slip underneath the skirt and a tank top underneath the sweater (both not shown). Furthermore, I wore a shape ware biker over my pantyhose over my underwear. Yes, I wore pantyhose. If it is good for the Duchess, it is good for Nicole too. Period.

I think the trick with pantyhose is to get a color that is as close as possible to your natural skin color and not shiny. Plus, never buy those with “reinforced toes!” Did you know that in Europe, some office dress codes require that you wear pantyhose when you wear skirt suits or dresses to work, no matter how hot it is outside?

You can find other examples of how to wear pastels in the cold season here and hereTweet me how you wear you spring pastels in fall.

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Winter white motorcycle jacket with black silk cashmere sweater, black vintage Espirit bag, black lace-up fall booties, statement belt (all own) and layered mesh skirt c/o Lookbook Store

Disclosure: The skirt is a gift from Lookbook Store. They have a coupon for 5% on everything with the coupon SAS5.

Photos: G. Kramm (2014)

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