My books

Descriptions of books written by Nicole Mölders of High Latitude style with reviews and where to order

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Hawaiian cargo

A comparison of summer weather with long-term summer climatology and a new OOTD.

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Katzengold and silver pants

What is Katzengold Well definitely these pants are silver, not gold or katzengold. Ever since I took my mineral distinction class in graduate school, I was fascinated by metallic minerals,…

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See how I style my wedges for work

This post provides styling secrets on how to wear wedges for various occasions. Contents Granny didn't like wedges Cute outfits to wear with wedges How I wear my wedges Granny…

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How to decode the regalia

A decoding of academic regalia is given and photos of an example of a doctoral gown are shown.

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What to wear when you are petite

Petite or regular depends on where you live What is the definition of a petite women? The term petite refers to the height of a person. However, which height is…

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