Awesome outfits you loved in January

Recap of the most read and liked posts in January and a new work outfit with tweed skirt.

Look awesome at a ball in freezing temperatures

Look awesome at a ball in freezing temperatures

Ballroom fashion and the cold In January, the Ballroom Dance Club of Fairbanks has their annual ball. Since January is the coldest month on average, they named their ball The 40 Below Ball. It does not need 40 below, but just temperatures in the negative digits (colder than -18oC) to make attending a ball already [...]

7 budget fashionistas share their secrets

Being on a budget is normal Today I want to introduce you to 7 budget bloggers/fashionistas who are also very stylish and love fashion. We all know that one can spend every dollar, Euro, Pound, Crown, or whatever the name of your currency may be only once. Thus, Spending money on fashion over 40 often [...]