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How to look professional in denim on denim

Posh Casual Friday work outfit I like to wear jeans and a chambray combined with a blazer and pumps for Casual Friday. This Friday, I picked a relaxed pair of dark jeans. I bought these jeans on purpose with an longer … Continue Reading How to look professional in denim on denim


Blue lady

A blue sky always ups my mood even when it is 40 below zero. On a rainy gray day, wearing a monochromatic outfit in blue elevates my mood too. Here I am wearing sky blue slouchy leather pants with a … Continue Reading Blue lady

Fall colors

The Tanana Valley in the back is showing its fall colors. On a sunny day, the forest green of the black and white spruce trees sets nicely off to the golden leaves of the birch, aspen and cottonwood trees. Event … Continue Reading Fall colors

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