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Posh weekend casual

In Interior Alaska, the diurnal course of temperature (=difference between the minimum and maximum temperature on a day) can be pretty wide in summer. Thus, in the mornings it may be quite chilly, while in the afternoon it can become … Continue Reading Posh weekend casual

Hawaiian cargo

A comparison of summer weather with long-term summer climatology and a new OOTD.

The heat is on

This summer is just beautiful, at least with regard to the weather. We had many sunny, hot days. Typically end of July, early August, the rains start. However, we still have wonderful sunny sky. This summer, we even could enjoy … Continue Reading The heat is on

Utility jacket 4 work

Typically an utility jacket is associated with working parties, military and uniforms. They are jackets made explicitly for work. Interestingly in corporate and conservative work environments they are not used except may be by the custodians and  the machine shop … Continue Reading Utility jacket 4 work