Ice crystals on Alaska houses

Insulation from the Stone Age to the fashion of today Eons ago, mankind moved into caves for shelter from the elements. They started using hides and furs of the animals they ate to insulate themselves from the cold air. There was a long road of optimizing paved with trial and error and learning. From ice [...]

Best outfits of November

Thanksgiving is over, as is Black Friday. Online stores look forward to Cyber Monday, and there is still so much to shop for and only 26 days left. Even worse, it looks like there are still so many gifts on the shopping list at the end of the money! Too late to stress out about [...]

Black Friday bag stuffing for Cyber Monday

Black Friday musings May be it is the Alaska weather or I am more a Cyber Monday gal, but I never set the alarm clock to wait hours in line for the start of Black Friday. Maybe it's also about avoiding the stress of being in a big crowd. Yes, I am on a fashion [...]