How my online style makeover service works

When you buy an online style advice or makeover, you will work with me via email, photos and if necessary via Skype/Facetime/Zoom/Google Hangouts etc. (your choice) on the style makeover. If not negotiated otherwise, the style makeover works like described below and doesn’t take more than a month.

  • You will have to fill out several questionnaires that help me you identify your first and secondary personal style, body shape, understand your dressing needs from a lifestyle point of view, preferences etc.
  • I will analyze your answers and send you an e-booklet of the best cuts for your body shape, and the key elements of your primary and secondary style.
  • You will read the e-booklets and analysis preferable within a week, but no later than within three weeks, and then send me your questions, if you have any.
  • Once you received the answers, you are ready to visit a mall in your town and find pieces in the identified cuts and styles, try them on and take selfies. The more outfits/pieces you try, the better for your progress on finding/developing your own style. You do not have to buy clothes, but I ask you that you forward the selfies within a week from the date you received my answers and no later than three weeks after you received the style and shape analysis and e-booklet.
  • Once I receive your photos, I will look at them and will give you feedback on the pieces you picked. I am happy to repeat the process twice when you didn’t get it right the first time around and/or you want to gain more confidence in finding the key elements of your personal style. This means you can send me in total three times selfies of outfits for feedback within that one month time frame of your online style makeover.
  • I am willing to give you a 10% refund on the price of the online style makeover, when you provide high quality before and after photos and give me the permission to use them on my blog.

The introductory price is $50 for a short time. I only work with one client at a time. Thus, inquire availability or use the form below to book your online style makeover.

When you are interested in a style makeover, but have no time this time, signup on the style makeover email list to get more information, learn about sales and special opportunities as well as and availability (I only work with one client at a time). I promise not to spam you.

In the meanwhile, you may like to start with my style recipe book How to Dress for Success in Midlife. Buy the book.

You may also like to use this free online style finder that detects your primary personal style or this free online body shape identifier.

P.S. When you are anxious about a style makeover you may like to read the post at the link.

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